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Karma, Transformation and other Buddhist musings....

Uplift your own mood to light up the path for others. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~ "Versetz dich in bessere Stimmung, um den Weg für andere zu erhellen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Another aspect of karma is that it is definite. For example: a farmer purchases corn for seed and plants it carefully. He waters it or it rains, the sun shines down, and that corn begins to sprout. Then, for whatever reason, that farmer goes to his field and commands that crop, “You will not grow up as corn. You will grow up as wheat.” Will his wish be enough to prevent that corn from coming up a s corn? Student: Maybe. R: We’ve got a believer in magical thinking. S: Anything is possible. R: Anything is possible with sufficient time, energy and magical ability (laughs). However, in any normal situation the farmer’s wish would not be enough to prevent that from coming up as anything except corn. S: From a quantum mechanical viewpoint, there’s a probability that sometimes this particl