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Buddhist Meditation Experiences

Rinpoche: We need a balanced mind to bring to our meditation practice so that stronger tantric transformational practices produce and advance our health and our healthy minds.  Student: Would there be a time when you’re like totally confused and you feel like you’re dying? R: If you are totally confused and feel like you are dying, this is not the time to be working strongly because the mind is  not balanced. The confusion would be the problem; not the ‘feeling like you are dying’ part. So, work on remedies for general confusion and the time for applying just any remedy would not be while feeling disoriented. Return to more preparation to make yourself stronger and more confident. Read about refuge, read your meditation sadhana, listen to dharma teachings, etc., like that. I feel that it will bring a different dynamic in that way. S: I’m trying to figure out... if it no longer feels like I'm dying, does it necessarily mean that I'm not doing it right? Isn't the outer mi