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Dharmakaya Wisdom, 37 Practices, Enlightened Love and other Buddhist musings

It is not so easy to take sincere refuge when you feel contented..... ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~ "Es ist nicht so einfach, aufrichtig Zuflucht zu nehmen, wenn du dich zufrieden f├╝hlst....." - DGR ---~~~~~~~~~~ No es facil tomar un sincero refugio cuando te sientes contento DGR Dharmakaya is an active wisdom, although from a human awareness it appears to be unmoving and uninvolved. From a human perspective, it seems to be the final result, because penetration ends there. After piercing various levels and stages  in yogic methods, the final penetration will end at the dharmakaya level of being, and so it is said to be the final result. However, it is not the final result. It is the end of access from either human or human-related levels. (The point of view of the non-human practitioners is still karmically related to the human realm). It is not a final destination for learners on their way to absolute perfection, but instead is a transformation location d

Newtonian Worldview, Holographic Universe, Amoral, Buddhist Podcast, and other Buddhist musings

Dramatic new worldviews and scientific theories are coming faster and faster. While a perceptual barrier was broken with the first person to break the four-minute mile, Einstein made it possible for science to think outside the Newtonian wo rldview, making those scientific advances possible. However, most people in the West are still deeply influenced with a mechanistic worldview and sadly, this also means that it’s not easy to discuss the nature of compassion and deeper transformative practices unless there is openness to a vaster worldview. A Newtonian worldview combined with Tibetan Buddhism will cause some to become overly fascinated with a solidified tantric view… making it no more than another worldly foray into magic. Learning about and practicing compassion will circumvent dangerous potential problems of ego and aggressiveness that are widespread in dharma practice. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ (tying blessing cords) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Dramatische neue Sichtweisen der Welt und