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Dreams and other Buddhist musings

Ordinary dreams are usually the reflections of daytime nonsense or the result of unresolved stress. For serious meditators, however, dreams could become nighttime activities such as inner training, strongly feeling that he or she has been attending dharma teachings or even performing acts of compassion ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Gewöhnliche Träume spiegeln normalerweise Unsinn aus dem Tagesgeschehen wider oder sind das Ergebnis von unbewältigtem Stress. Für ernsthaft Übende können Träume jedoch zu nächtlichen Aktivitäten werden, wie zu innerem Training, zu dem Gefühl, an Dharmaunterweisungen teilgenommen oder sogar mitfühlende Handlungen ausgeübt zu haben." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Satisfaction in the Buddhist approach is a continuous mental nourishment not dependant upon desires being met in order to be happy in one’s self "Mit buddhistischer Herangehensweise ist Befriedigung eine stetige geistige Nahrung, bei der es nicht davon abhängt, dass Wün

Enlightened Generosity and other Musings

In the act of enlightened generosity, the doer, the action, and the receiver are all perceived as empty of inherent existence. By only intellectually understanding the non-inherent existence of these three elements that comprise higher generosity, one can generate a false realization that is not aligned with the awakening process. One might even gain a realization that is beneficial, but the enti re thought process is primarily a constructed educational realization. When making efforts to practice Bodhisattva type generosity, it is an error to believe that you are not real and the receiver is not real, but the action is real, or that you are not real, the action is not real, but the recipient is. Others who believe that only the action is real but the giver and the receiver are not real affirm the action of giving as the real thing that is happening, but it still lacks the marks of reality and is not a transcendent view. Lastly, the one who states that the action and receiver are i