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Do Others Still Bother You?

With a more objective perspective, all conflict is like viewing a pile of steaming peas. However, a different perspective will cause many sensations of being oppressed by and smelling the nearby peas. Participating in worlds of form by the results of karmic trauma, and not by choice, will always bring forms into unpleasant contact with each other, often with sensations that other forms are impingi ng on individual freedom. Laws, controlling others, and making peace are some of the strategies used to get along or feel some relief. These are also signs of of only partial success. Closure of perceptions that cause us to feel oppressed is the freedom of release. This is dharma! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Durch eine objektivere Perspektive erscheint jeglicher Konflikt als ob man einen Haufen dampfender Erbsen betrachtet. Eine andere Perspektive wird jedoch das Gefühl erzeugen, dass man die nahen Erbsen riechen kann und dadurch bedrückt wird. Wenn man an Formwelten du

Is it OK for a Meditator to Say They are Dead Tired?

Some word choices might become alerting factors to drag you toward the end of your life prematurely. When extremely tired, some will say that they are dead tired, or in the throes of desire for a new object, others will say, “Oh, it’s just to die for.” You might declare later, “Well I wasn’t really serious, it’s just a joke”. However, a serious meditator must be aware that there is a special method used by higher developed practitioners and bodhisattvas to be able to voluntarily die. The enlightened bodhisattvas act within higher functioning parameters by viewing their life as a place to work and continue interior development. The power of practice, the power of mantra recitation, and the power of altruism give trusted practitioners special permissions and entry into other states of mind, and at some point, permission to skillfully depart. Even before attaining enlightenment, meditators will discover that their words have power. That is also the beginning of higher d

Fishing for Rainbows!

Fishing for rainbows!