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Mud Therapy, Secret Gesture and other musings

I used to live in California, the land of spas and honey. In the next valley over from where I lived was Calistoga, where lots of folks pay to sit in mud. Lying naked in a mineral mud bathtub while a spa attendant plops mud on top, it’s hard to believe that while up to your neck in mud having a perfect stranger shovel mud on top of you is pleasant, but the longer you lie there, the happier you fe el. I went into a Calistoga spa one day for no particular reason, and wandered through various rooms (I didn’t find anyone in disarray). In the waiting room was a very tense-looking couple, dressed in pristine, fluffy white spa bathrobes. T Because they looked like errr, I asked, “Are you taking the baths or the minerals?” “ Both, we really need it, and can hardly wait to begin relaxing.” They had traveled far to do something that would help them calm down and relax their minds enough to feel comfortable and happy again. Now, let discuss the first of the four immeasurables from your medit