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Christians, Bodhisattvas and Dolphins Oh My!

The Buddhadharma gives a huge number of religious offerings available, emphasizing one particular concept or another of the Buddhas teaching within different cultures. We can see that Christianity also has many sects and ways of looking at the teachings of Christ. Even in a small town,there are differing views of who Christ is based upon the tenets of a particular sect of Christianity.  Not long  ago, I went to a church basement rummage sale at a small town near us. The ladies of the church also prepared food for selling by donation. I thought, “Oh, this very fun. I'm going to get a sandwich and sit down with people to say hello and see what they are like.” Sitting down across from two elderly ladies I said, “Hello. Are you from this area?” They replied, “Yes, yes.” I asked, “Do you belong to this church?” “Oh my, no!” they whispered, looking around rather suspiciously. “We attend the church on the other side of town.” I felt like I had done something wrong by quizzing them. On