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Your Home World, Communication, Swiss Cheese Thinking and more

We should try to calmly agree on a broader spectrum of meanings of a particular word to have a coherent and pleasant communication about important subjects. It would be a demonstration of our language skills to consider the impact of our wo rds for others and how it is set in the concept we wish to communicate.  However, if we remain fixated or obsessed with important words by having a favorite or limited spectrum of meanings, especially philosophical or dharma words, we limit out ability to interact with others realistically, cause misunderstandings and lose an opportunity to learn. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Wir sollten versuchen, uns auf ruhige Art über das breitere Spektrum der Bedeutung eines Worts zu einigen, damit unsere Kommunikation über wichtige Themen zusammenhängend und angenehm sein kann. Es wäre ein Beweis unserer sprachlichen Fähgikeiten, wenn wir die Wirkung unserer Worte auf andere berücksichtigen und wie sie sich in das Konzept einfügen, dass w

Mind Training, Manjushri, Cosmic Self-respect and other Buddhist musings...

Lojong Mind Training: “Transform intentions, but remain normal.” This very simply means, don’t act strangely; behave in a civilized manner. Transitional stages of lasting development will happen deep within the inner mind while the fluid  currents of changeable motivation will be shaped by our mental efforts. It also means, don’t abandon our other Buddhist practices because of enthusiasm for mind training. Lojong mind training practices are not to be done to the exclusion of practices that have been received.  As a further commitment to the practice, be discreet in your behavior. No one should suspect that you are practicing mind training, which would be doing it incorrectly. This brings us full circle to again behaving normally but now more carefully wherever we go. This is the method used for transformation of behaviors that will reduce obstacles and as a side benefit…. makes us more pleasant to be around. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Lojong Geistesschulung: ‘Trans