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Buddhist Practice in Daily Life

How we use the precious gift of speech can produce wholesome or unhappy karma in our future. Sometimes, we can't help it when we verbally “act out”. For example, some folks were raised in a family that tended to shout and verbally bully others to get what she or he wanted and that harmful training has an unwanted undercurrent influence to the way we talk even now many years later.  How we talk o r even energetically communicate (a part of the speech element of the mind), often gets us into trouble. Sometimes it doesn't get us what we want but instead just gets more trouble. Even though the words may be sweet, there may be an unspoken energetic whip-lashing behind our words and no benefit comes of it. Because this early training isn't easy to break, spiritual practitioners may have to use more mindfulness when speaking. To help that process, a consistent daily meditation practice will heal those harmful influences, reduce stress and help us develop our deep and true compa