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The Preactive State, Skeptical View and other Buddhist musings.....

I get energized while reading about scientific theories related to reality. I leap for joy at the transitional stages that science has achieved while working toward discovering deeper reality. There are both scientific and skeptical views o f the nature of reality presented for us to accept. Science is just beginning to ask some big questions with the possibility of real answers; it becomes interesting from a Buddhist point of view. In practical application, in modern society, one’s personal worldview is the exclusive position of reality and just as valid a scientific model of reality as the next persons. Because the basis of communication with others is our personal worldview, it’s helpful to reflect just how many different worldviews are out there. However, in previous generations, elders such as a grandfather would explain, “This is the way the world is…” This is the way earlier peoples learned culture by holding a common worldview. I read a wonderful book called The Education