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Thoughts are Quite Useful... Don't You Think?

Thoughts are important to assess the quality of karma about to arise. Thoughts are important to work with during activities once karma has arisen. Thoughts are also important to use to review recent past actions that will have repercussions for future karma arising. Thoughts are the primary tools of the skillful. If you cannot control your mind to use thoughts as a tool, it would be better to no t pay any attention at all to thoughts... just let them pass by without reacting... Eventually, however... you will need to learn how to control your mind ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~ "Gedanken sind wichtig, um die Qualität des Karmas einzuschätzen, welches dabei ist aufzusteigen. Gedanken sind wichtig, um mit ihnen im Laufe von Aktivitäten zu arbeiten, wenn das Karma bereits aufgestiegen ist. Gedanken sind auch wichtig, um gerade begangene Handlungen zu reflektieren, die Auswirkung auf das Aufsteigen zukünftigen Karmas haben werden. Gedanken sind die Hauptwerkzeuge der

The Hidden Benefits of a Long Time Relationship with A Spiritual Teacher

The nice thing about having a relationship with Sangha, and a long-standing personal relationship with a spiritual mentor is that we do not have to say everything all at once. In my just before life, an important teachings that I often gave to my students was “Slowly, you understand.” And so, especially on retreat, you have the luxury of slowly understanding and slowly exploring important concepts so that not even one piece is omitted. We do not have to condense the teachings because we are rushed for time; instead we can take even a single word and discuss it to uncover our views that have obscured development. The students also have an opportunity to discuss it with others while in a teaching retreat environment. In this way, understanding becomes steadier. The resistant mind moves much slower than the understanding mind and need time to reflect instead of quickly rejecting. While resisting, we struggle inside to be able to even understand what the other person is

Meditation: A Breath of Living Air

  Meditation... a breath of living air   This week's FREE podcast: UNIVERSAL RESPONSIBILITY. second great wish, "May (all sentient beings) be free from suffering and the causes of suffering." Great bodhisattvas have completely freed themselves from self-cherishing, and are consumed with the work to free sentient beings from suffering. Domo Geshe Rinpoche leads us step-by-step through the logical thought process Awakening and enlightenment might or might not be synonyms. Transformed is a stage of preparation for either. Understanding reality would bring what benefits?  Are we more attracted to what benefits us or to what we crave? Why do people act so contrary? Objectivity can be detrimental to friendship or promote a healthy relationship.

Awakening is Like Moonrise

  Fall is nearly here. Wouldn't it be nice to take off a week or two for private reflection at a pleasant and quiet retreat center in central US? Very reasonable rates, private rooms and great meals. Plan now for fall and winter. contact Ngawang Khandro Awakening to reality is like moonrise, however, Buddhahood is like sunrise. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Das Erwachen zur Wirklichkeit ist wie ein Mondaufgang, - die Buddhaschaft jedoch ist wie ein Sonnenaufgang. - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Gaining proficiency in meditation is like a medical student who has only gradual ly become intensely interested in how to clean a gaping bleeding wound that could be life threatening. He or she may actually have had other motivations to become a doctor: making alot of money, parental pressure or some way to gain high status. However, eventually the student sees that the daily practice of medicine is more about opening, cleaning and protecting the healing area. The