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Everyday Dharma

We each have a compelling favorite sense: touching, listening, or perhaps eating. Some of you folks are quite slender while some of us are little bit more, shall we say, sturdy. The wind can’t blow us over. I read on the internet about a  big wind that caused a Chihuahua to blow away; they found it on a nearby mountain. The dog is okay. They called a psychic who told them it was up the mountain; they went up, and found the dog. I do not know if I believe the story or not, but it sounds cute and I have Chihuahuas, so….. Anyway, each of you has a particular sense which is your drug of choice. Some people eat candy, while others need ‘eye candy; it’s their sense of sight that they crave to feed. For others, it is the tongue; wanting to taste nice things. Other people need soft…if they wear itchy wool, they will almost go crazy. If their pillow is not exactly correct, they can’t sleep. However, some folks care nothing for food or clothing…they could wear the roughest clothing …in fact, t