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Giving Up Short Term and Long Term Fantasies

Awakening, rather than becoming ultimately powerful is what was taught by Lord Buddha. To really awaken will require giving up both short term and long term fantasies which bind to illusion. Short term fantasy means relying on the momentary view, which will only be broken by knowing that it is empty of the potential for holding reality. Long term fantasies are both produced and strengthened by choices and desires that are driven by the distorted belief that the illusory will eventually produce satisfaction and closure to all problem. However, long imbedded fantasies will only be broken by the courage to be discovered on the way to greater awakening. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ "Der Buddha lehrte das Erwachen und nicht das letztendliche Mächtigwerden. Um wirklich zu erwachen muss man sowohl kurz- wie auch langfristige Phantasien aufgeben, durch die man an Illusionen anhaftet. Kurzfristige Phantasie bedeutet, dass man sich auf die augenblickliche Sichtweise ve

Spiritual Rednecks

 SPIRITUAL REDNECKS: tantric sex addicts, those who are fascinated by Tibetan protectors to make themselves more powerful, or touchy/feely, sense addicted, love goddesses. These adherents of worldly religion abuse the evolved intention of teachers (such as Buddha Shakyamuni) of the transcendent path, and should be more honest with themselves and others. These are degraded and a kind of animal natu re spirituality. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "SPIRITUELLE REDNECKS: tantrische Sexsüchtige, jene, die von tibetischen Beschützern fasziniert sind, um sich selbst mächtiger zu machen, oder übermäßig gefühlsbetonte, von den Sinnen abhängige Liebesgöttinnen. Diese Anhänger der weltlichen Religion im Namen der entwickelten Intention des Transzendenten (wie des Buddha Shakyamuni) sollten mit sich selbst und anderen ehrlicher sein. Diese Arten von Spiritualität sind minderwertig und von einer Art tierischer Natur." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Are Bodhisattvas Here to Improve the World?

Some might think that bodhisattvas are advanced activists to improve the quality of life and the world by coming back to do good deeds and help people, but it’s not quite like that. A trained bodhisattva is actually participating in larger activities, alive to being of benefit while working with enlightened equanimity. No matter how bad others might say that the human realm is, the bodhisattva demonstrate her or his enthusiasm for benefiting others, never thinking that another bodhisattva received a better situation while I have to do this dirty work even though I am much better! Bodhisattvas who compete as though the field of dharma activity is a contest have some kind of insanity. They will need to undergo healing in order to regain their equanimity, even though they are enlightened! In whatever kind of work, capable bodhisattvas do it with the equanimity to endure whatever hardships; one is delighted to be of service! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Manche Leu

How to Be Effortless

Knowing how to position your inner and outer energies, is knowing how to be properly effortless. This is the exquisite balance of tantra. Tantric balance can be learned and duplicated, not with the mind, but within the living life force. That is the reproducible path taught by the Vajrayana vehicle of Buddhism. Of course, in Buddhism, everyone eventually studies various points such as the meaning of karma to remove conflict preventing enlightenment from being our natural state. When thinking deeply about karma and its ramifications in clarifying our attitudes over a great length of time, we will definitely gain certain important realizations, such as confidence in interdependent origination. However, the actual transformation of tantric enlightenment only comes when we faultlessly gain and maintain an energetic basis: a correct perceptual configuration of enlightened mind. This is far beyond concepts such as everyone is already enlightened, so why make effort! It is

Buddhism Gets Us Out of Our Zone of Safety... Safely!

Reliance of faith means that even if we have not fully developed exalted qualities, which are capable of producing intense happiness, our reliance on the 3 jewels of refuge, Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, will produce in us a willingness to change. Through faith, we will easily step away from our zone of safety into higher learning. This would be similar to having the chance at some universities to audit a class. Even as an unregistered student, you could listen to the famous professor teaching an important subject simply because you love it and you want to know more. Similarly, through the joy of faith we can place ourselves before our inner mentor, and higher mentors, such as the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, who will allow us to come into their environment by virtue of our reliance. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Auf Glauben zu vertrauen bedeutet dass ,selbst wenn wir höhere Qualitäten, durch die wir ein intensives Glück empfinden können, noch nicht vollkommen entwi

Reaction to HH the Dalai Lamas Honesty

excerpt from todays statement by HH the Dalai Lama. What I have been saying all along.  "Emanation before the passing away of the predecessor (ma-dhey tulku) Usually a reincarnation has to be someone’s taking rebirth as a human being after previously passing away. Ordinary sentient beings generally cannot manifest an emanation before death (ma-dhey tulku), but superior Bodhisattvas, who can manifest themselves in hundreds or thousands of bodies simultaneously, can manifest an emanation before death. Within the Tibetan system of recognizing Tulkus there are emanations who belong to the same mind-stream as the predecessor, emanations who are connected to others through the power of karma and prayers, and emanations who come as a result of blessings and appointment. The main purpose of the appearance of a reincarnation is to continue the predecessor’s unfinished work to serve Dharma and beings. In the case of a Lama who is an ordinary being, instead of having a reincar