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Just Waiting: A Lost Art, Lucky Marilyn Monroe and Bad Thinking

I was waiting in the crowded lounge for a flight to LA and looked around me to see if there was anyone else waiting. I saw that some people were talking to each other, some were reading, while many were absorbed on their cell phones and computers. Others were walking around, some heading to shop or just returning with their purchased goodies. Some folks were sleeping, meditating or IPoding. Final ly I spotted a fellow who was waiting, (as I was not waiting either, but people watching). He was alert to his environment, present and simply waiting! I was also inspired to just wait for the plane to board rather than seeking distraction. As the time grew closer to boarding, more people joined us in the relaxed state of just waiting (a true skill), until many of us were actually present, listening for cues to board our flight. For a spiritual practitioner, this is dharma! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ I ch wartete in der ├╝berf├╝llten Lounge auf einen Flug nach L.A. und schaute mi