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Shifting Patterns of Awareness in the Human Being

There are quantum shifts in awareness, (the alert state of our life force process) that we already possess. For example if the body is injured, awareness jumps to the body, and we often become non-thinking, only physically reactive. In effect, our life force become pain, pain, pain! The opposite occurs in orgasm, awareness floods to the physical, again becoming non-thinking. The mind can also demand the full portion of awareness; for example, a pleasurable task or even an engrossing movie can make us unaware of the body. We can forget to eat or even sleep. The suffering of mental illness is fed by the grasping of the mind to itself like an octopus in distress, unable to release its hold on awareness. The subconscious mind is an inner or more subtle mind than the ordinary mind that also has pleasure and pain desires, which drags primary awareness (life force) to its needs. An example of this is the sleep and dream state. There are even more inner minds and more development needed. T

The Grid, Flying in Meditation and other musings

All realms where living beings exist are held together in a complex structure created and based on the needs of their inhabitants. Realms of humans, gods and lower beings, as well as the animal, hungry ghost and hell realms, arise from caus es and conditions that facilitate their manifestation from energetic grid models interior to their outer manifestation. In previous teachings on how to be more effective doing world peace prayers, as well as teachings regarding how the world actually exists, I have explained how energetic grids act as transitional supports for vibrational manifestation. Our particular realm has a certain kind of energetic grid that is a pre-manifestation, or subtler energetic version, of the human realm that we recognize the ordinary world we live in. In the same way, in other realms, other structures operate as the support for the different kinds of manifestation of that particular perceptual realm. Because everything that has form is actually empty