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The Song of the Great Path

Like a song that is forever singing beginning to end and end to beginning simultaneously, the Great Path that stimulates awakening exists simultaneously but in time and space becomes linear.~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~ ***** "Wie ein Lied, das auf ewig von Anfang bis Ende und gleichzeitig von Ende bis Anfang erklingt, existiert der Gro├če Pfad, welcher zum Erwachen anregt, auf simultane Weise; jedoch wird er linear durch Zeit und Raum.! - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- We experience weather in a purely perceptual way as well as knowing that our body senses are influenced by the changing outer environment. However, the physical senses expect that temperature, barometric pressure, sunlight etc will remain fairly constant or they will send alerting signals. "Hot, hot, hot" means, take action now to cool off. This signal is not activated by temperature, only the cha nge in temperature; 60 degrees in June feels cold but 60 degrees in January might feel hot! For many folks, when th