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Gods are Real, Rich vs Poor and other Buddhist musings....

Another type of equanimity is deliberately developed in Buddhist training: the dissolution of distinctions held between others and ourselves or between others and still others. The basic premise: all living beings seek happiness and avoid  suffering. To gain this important realization for yourself, remove the distinctions between the wealthy and the poor (in your estimation), or those who live in first world countries and those living in third world countries. Remove the perceptual barriers between the value you place on those who lived ten thousand years ago, those who will live ten thousand years in the future, and those who alive in the world right now. Further, disregard whether a person is a man or women, a doctor or patient, or younger or older than yourself. Do not determine the value of another based on whether they are Tibetan, Chinese or American. All differences are outside of the baseline that is common to all who enter into the human realm. This is dharma! ~ Domo Geshe

Flowers of Lotus Lake Buddhist Center

Flowers of Lotus Lake: Norbu Retreat House and The Hermitage  

Unrealistic Expectations of Holiness and other Buddhist musings....

The individual karma of living beings doesn’t only cause physical birth into a particular situation; their karma causes them to be relentlessly refreshed by emanation from their subtle, vibrational, personal core at each moment. There isn’ t a definitive way to state; “Now this person has been born into a certain form and will remain in that form until passing away”. More accurately, it’s impossible for individual form beings to go on existing for even one moment without an active emanation process. Busy, busy, busy world. There are countless billions of holographic emanations with billions of movie cameras recording impressions affecting each individual core. As the holographic experience basis modifies, the karma of a living being changes, instantaneously arising in new configurations. Rather than performing dreary religious duties to become holy, no one will become enlightened until the emanation process again works perfectly; it is a flawless, ffffflllllaaaawless, system and on