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Getting Feeling Back, and other Buddhist musings....

What a beautiful sunny day! So many of us live in colder climes and now have a greater awareness about our lack of vitamin D during the winter months, isn't that so? I now feel concerned that I’m not going to get enough vitamin D because there’s not enough daylight hours but I've also lost an important relationship with the sun, and replaced it as a source of nutrient vitamin D. In a way, that ’s sad, because I kind of liked the other relationship better. It flipped from being the source of light and joy, a symbol of lightness of being, (our kind of traditional relationship with the sun), to this instigator of vitamin D. In some ways, perhaps we have also lost confidence in our relationship with the five senses while studying the intricacies of the mind in Buddhism. We are told that trusting the senses may not be the most beneficial way to understand reality. Although certainly a relationship remains, we are told that there’s something else that we should really want. So,

Stopping Thinking, Winter Meditation Retreat, Free Podcast and other musings

" Everything costs something... war, love, food, public infrastructure, peace, education... everything! How the statistics of that cost are manipulated is pure politics! By giving weight to certain statistics while withholding others costs can make even the cost of beneficial programs or attitudes seem intolerable. Logic and compassion are common sense partners in considering the many kinds of cos ts we as individuals or as a society are willing to spend: time, money, change in attitudes, shift in power and so much more. Don't let politics ruin your life! ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Alles kostet etwas... der Krieg, die Liebe, Essen, die öffentliche Infrastruktur, der Frieden, Bildung... alles! Wie die Statistiken dieser Kosten manipuliert werden ist reine Politiksache! Indem man bestimmte Statistiken überbewertet und andere zurückhält können selbst die Kosten von wohltätigen Programmen oder Einstellungen unakzeptabel erscheinen. Logik und Mitgefühl sin