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Buddhist Summer Retreat in Wisconsin

Become centered, then stabilize. Wash, rinse well, then repeat until awakened. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ Summer Retreat - Just around the corner - July 9th thru Aug 1     White Conch Summer Retreat 2011 July 9-Aug 1  Three Sessions to Choose From In This Issue Come to Retreat Session One Session Two Session Three Quick Links   Sign Up for Retreat Now   Pay Online Here More About Us   Support White Conch Come to Retreat Retreat allows you to leave behind your daily concerns and focus on your own inner healing and spiritual development. There will be plenty of time for meditation and spiritual sharing. Join with like-minded individuals who are committed to becoming capable of benefiting living beings. Each sessi

Vivid Faith and Enlightened Equanimity

The first kind of faith is vivid faith and can be awakened. You know, at the movie theater, before the movie actually begins, they often have introduction music that starts out very small but it gets louder….”mmmyaaaaaaaa AAAAAAA” A great crescendo! This is how an experience of awakening faith feels. Sometimes a non-Buddhist, when entering a temple for the first time in their life, sees a Buddha statue and cries! They feel a crescendo of joy rising. It is a remembrance of vivid faith. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ " Die erste Art von Glaube ist ein lebendiger Glaube und man kann ihn erwecken. Weißt Du, wie im Kino, wenn sie vor dem Filmbeginn oft eine Anfangsmusik haben, die ganz klein anfängt aber lauter wird....'mmmjaaaaAAAAA' Ein großes Crescendo So fühlt sich auch die Erfahrung des erwachenden Glaubens an. Manchmal sieht jemand, der kein Buddhist ist, beim ersten Betreten eines Tempels eine Buddhastatue und muss weinen! Sie fühlen wie das Crescendo