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Trapped by a Control Freak and other Buddhist musings

A controller will often try to induce a compliant state by fear tactics. These strategies are usually successful because the victim wants to avoid conflict or violence or fears to displease the aggressor. Causing fear generally works best on the uneducated or those with poor self esteem. When someone who is educated or has confidence comes into contact with a controlling person, these same tactics  won't cause fear. It usually causes one or all of the following responses: indignation, aggressive defense, ridicule, or avoidance of control freaks. Buddhism focuses more on kindness as the method to help others, a natural outgrowth of compassion. Learning to be truly nice will lead to working cooperatively with those you want to help... culminating in the most genuine and honest state of mind: spiritual awakening. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~ "Ein Kontrollmensch wird oft versuchen, durch Angsttaktiken einen gef├╝gigen Zustand zu erreichen. Normalerweise sind diese Strategien erfol