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Gay and Lesbian Buddhists

In my just previous life I had gay and lesbian students of Buddhism. I also do have many homosexual students in this lifetime. I believe that a committed and careful lifestyle is important in relationships, no matter what the gender identity. Otherwise uncontrolled desire will cause suffering, loss of partners and eventual lack of trust with others. My view might be in the minority as there are very old scriptural references that might make anything other than male/female relationships wrong. However, the Buddha has said to accommodate culture to disseminate the dharma and this is an important cultural change. So, if a gay or lesbian person is practicing meditation correctly... good! Otherwise - they will experience the same suffering as other people. I do not give them a special higher or lower status. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~   "In meinem vorherigen Leben hatte ich schwule und lesbische Buddhismusschüler. Auch in diesem Leben habe ich viele homosexuelle Schü

Speak softly but always carry a weeding tool

People, people people people. So be careful with others! ~DGR ~~~   Nothing is impossible, some things just take more time...   We should be interested in rearranging our life for developing a spiritual life   The inner technologies of the Tibetan Buddhist system has sophisticated measurements of success toward release. It is inner science. ~DGR ~~~         Speak softly but always carry a weeding tool ♥ ~DGR ~~~ Logic and reason work well for me when it is accompanied by pizza    

A Dream and Illusory, except to the Happy!

An important Buddhist teaching taught in the Orient was transmitted to the West quite some time ago: this world is like a dream and illusory. However, it seems as though even good meditators will experience... when everything is going well; job is going well, relationships are going well and she or he has everything they want..... somehow the fact that life is illusory is not very interesting. hee hee ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~   "Eine wichtige buddhistische Lehre, die im Orient gelehrt wurde, ist dem Westen schon vor geraumer Zeit übermittelt worden: diese Welt ist wie ein Traum und illusorisch. Trotzdem scheint es, dass selbst guten Meditierern das folgende passiert... wenn alles gut läuft, der Job gut läuft, die Beziehung gut läuft und er oder sie hat alles, was man sich wünschen kann..... dann ist die Tatsache, dass das Leben illusorisch ist nicht mehr ganz so interessant. Hihi." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche - It is noticed that people become more solidified

Rough People and Buddhist Practice

  In Tibet, we insisted that qualified people do the hard work to gain spiritual development. They should also not complain how difficult it is, because they are receiving an opportunity to advance and be challenged in their practice in ways very different from the low expectations of common rough people. Common or stubborn people cannot, or will not, make much effort to gain inner development. However, more evolved people need challenges. It is not just a nicety to have a spiritual practice. Perhaps you are the kind of person who needs it, must have it. What we don’t want is to have spiritual opportunities but devolve into a common person because it seemed like everything came so easily. That person will ride on their own coattails, as they say, until the end of their life, and then realize, “Oh, I could have done more. I could have challenged myself more.” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~   "In Tibet haben wir darauf bestanden, dass dafür qualifizierte Menschen

Annoying Rituals

Some new meditators feel that occasional ceremonies such as saying a prayer before eating, or offering bowls of water on an altar is too ritualistic, but the problem is not rituals. Every thing we do, from brushing teeth, checking if there is enough gas in car to adjusting our motivation before working are personal rituals. We even go to school to learn more rituals, such as good study habits or how to communicate more effectively through politeness. The training in spiritual practice is even more valuable because we are making effort to evolve into a higher functioning way of being. If we cannot mature a steady heart by training to overcome our obstacles, then we again are lost....perhaps we can then be satisfied with gathering wealth ....or maybe we can just vegetate in front of the TV..... ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~   "Manche Leute, die erst seit kurzem meditieren, finden gelegentliche Zeremonien, wie ein Tischgebet sprechen oder Wasserschalen auf dem Altar darb