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What are you Waiting For?

You should be enlightened already! Your myriad experiences in the human realm should have satisfied each and every desire and curiosity over the very long time you have taken rebirths here in this human realm. Part of the reason why you have remained far too long, when you should have evolved beyond this perceptual realm, is that the door to higher development closed temporarily because you became adept at human living. Knowing what is going on feels powerful and satisfying, but if we don't have an open mind to leave that knowing behind and go on, we close ourselves off to further development . This is why at every stage of the path to perfection, we deliberately train the mind to become even more flexible. Logic tells us that is a good idea, but we lose sight of what we need to know by solidifying. Are we clear as to the goal of perfection or have we become distracted by developing other worldly skills that will lead us back to rebirth instead of transformation?  If we clari