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Mind Training and other Buddhist musings......

We will certainly feel stronger when more of our life energy is calmed and aligned rather than in chaos. What produces delusions are unaligned energies talking or struggling with each other. With effort we can cause our energies to align w ith enlightened values and then it doesn’t take long, (if we are doing it right), for the process to go faster and faster. I heard a story about the hundredth monkey; whether this is true or not, I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a long story. My point is, that reaching a certain level of knowledge, a certain pitch will be reached and have an unseen domino effect on the entire rest of your mind. Soon, your own delusions don’t make sense anymore whereas, before… delusions made perfect sense. Suddenly, delusions are like a big joke. When you become capable of laughing at your delusions, they will cave into where they came from, which was nowhere at all. In a dramatic change, energies align, vision improves, and you are operating from a different place. ~ D

Buddhist Podcast, Awakening and Defined by Our Problems?

We already know that it is possible to change our mind because we do it hundreds of times a day! We feel hungry, and then eat a little bit and then we don’t feel hungry. Later we might feel thirsty, and then not. We are happy, and then cha nge to feeling sad. When a cheerful phone call comes in, a good mood lasts for a while, everything looks brighter, but then comes another phone call with some terrible news, and our mental outlook becomes dark and frightening. For most people, the whole day goes on like this, bonding identity to changeable states of mind.  What Buddhism teaches us is that changeable states of mind, feelings and moods are not our actual nature but are the mental experiences that come and go with great regularity over an actual nature that is free from emotional strife. This is what we call the changeable mind. The dharma trains us to view them as passing and not take the ups and downs so seriously. Eventually, we will mostly feel peaceful and free from the seduct