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Love, Kindness and other Buddhist musings...

Love relationships with family, friends and intimates are clues to help us wake up to notice the presence and needs of other. Seeking love is a low level spiritual practice that arouses feelings taking us out of ourselves. Improving and healing broken relationships also help awaken to a broader new world view where we are happy not to be the center of attention.  Unfortunately, the practice of l ove doesn't have very clear cut instructions and can soon become, ‘I expected him to give me something that I needed.’ The fact that it is a low level and interactive practice probably also means that others were not capable of giving that much. However, because we operate from our own expectations and not their expectations, projections of what they were ready to give us might far outweigh their actual capacity. When things get messy, maybe we get out our vacuum cleaner of love, and try to suck from them what that they likely do not possess. And that is okay for now, because this love thi