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Plagued by Difficulties, Enlightened Alignment, Losing Karma and other musings

  There must be some good reasons that you’re here other than just being born here. Caught in a maze of conflicting unfulfilled wishes or the debris of previous suffering conditions might be real possibilities. There are many people have barriers to experiencing a high quality human life because they are plagued by illness, accidents, dissatisfaction, or an inability to get along with others. It might even seem that what they don’t want comes so easily, but what they do want, they cannot seem to get. This builds up even more suffering and they can’t seem to connect with the world they live in. On the other hand, to be fair, there are those who are not interested in life because they just don’t have that much karma for this world any more and are in preparation for awakening. There are also many that still have karma for family life, karma to bear and care for children. However, not everyone with karma to have children are good parents. What would it be like to not have

Your Parents are Alive in You!

In a way, you are still alive in your parents and in a way, your parents live in you. Can you feel them inside you sometimes reminding you? Even sometimes hearing their voice? In a similar way, it is possible to give a piece of yourself to someone you love... perhaps that was done too soon, but it seems the way many develop close relationships. Perhaps we might have inappropriately given away the very part of our self that helps us feel more alive and happy and still it sticks to them. Then, we might feel punished by them and want to feel whole and safe again. Long life practices such as white Tara help to call back lost energy or connections that have become source of suffering and sometimes even make us feel ill. That is why it is a part of long life practice. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Buddhistischer Rat zur Ɯberwindung von Schwierigkeiten Auf gewisse Weise bist Du noch in Deinen Eltern lebendig und sie leben auf gewisse Weise in Dir weiter. Kannst Du manch