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In the River of Now

 Full moon at the Hermitage summer of 2011 first section of counter backsplash for Norbu kitchen.. avocado and red tiles are down with mirror chunks at the top... grouting black soon   A small flock of monarch butterflies swooped across the path in front of me as I left Norbu House ... How uplifting! We will be transformed by our willingness In the river of now, it is possible for inner wisdom to guide some factors of illusory existence to facilitate the next evolutionary stage for the individual. It seems like magic but it is inner physics. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Im Fluss des Jetzt ist es der inneren Weisheit möglich, einige Faktoren der illusorischen Existenz zu lenken, um die nächste evolutionäre Stufe für das Individuum herbeizuführen. Es scheint wie Magie, aber es ist innere Physik." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- Enjoyed the local produce auction today.... best mental snapshot? Tiny Mennonite girl sitting in drivers seat of loaded buckboard waiting in line f

Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche and the Protector Controvery

My precious lama of my just previous life, Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche, passed away in 1981 from Alzheimers. His strange moods and outbursts were kept secret and we did not know that this was a disease that affected the mind. We did not understand about the effects of Alzheimers disease and believed his many angry words, while others felt he had mental illness and distanced themselves from him. I do not teach the protector practices any more. He wanted us to do protector practice even stronger to combat the forces against him. This was not good advice. Much of the issues affecting many today in the controversies regarding protector practices stem from his orders while he was ill with Alzheimers. This would never have happened if we had understood the effects of this disease. Kybje Trijang Rinpoche was one of the great scholars and his attainments and kindness was incomparable. I pray for the end of confusion in the Tibetan community. From my side, I understand now and feel h

Insanity as a Normal Aspect of the Spectrum of Consciousness

I saw a movie, set in a French insane asylum more than 100 years ago. Patients wandered aimlessly within a walled in garden, talking to themselves. Some believed they were Napoleon being held against their will; some thought that there were bugs crawling all over them, while others irrationally feared that there was imminent disaster. These many different ideas were unrelated to the reality that others collectively experienced. Were there actually bugs all over some sufferers? From another standpoint, no one could observe bugs. However, the patients distorted perceptions supported each other, and concluded that, indeed there were bugs all over their body. These distinctly out of balance conclusions are part of a spectrum of perceptual aberrations that we can observe in our ordinary world, and how someone’s perceptions can be so skewed from what is considered normal. In a related way, due to confused perceptions of a more subtle kind, all unawakened beings arrive at

Memory as a Waste Product

In its harmful form, memory is the mental/metabolic waste product of a distressing experience. It is an irritant, a knot of of anger energy within the potential smoothness of the continuum that will continue to accumulate mental clutter, adding further stress. In its positive form, memory is still a mental/metabolic waste product, but this knot acts to excite pleasure. Both forms function to energetically re-live pleasure and pain, the dichotomy supporting the grasping mind. However, when the mind is well balanced, free from neurosis and over-excitement, the advanced trainings toward awakening will teach that the pleasant and unpleasant re-livings are equally illusory. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "In ihrer schädlichen Form ist die Erinnerung ein Abfallprodukt des Geistes oder Stoffwechsels, das durch eine leidvolle Erfahrung erzeugt wird. Es verusacht Irritation und ist ein Knoten aus wütender Energie innerhalb der potentiellen Weichheit des Kontinuums, welcher stän