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Musings on Meditation Pose, Good Karma and Death

Those with an abundance of virtuous karma actually have less karma! It is also a more evanescent load than the accumulated dense knots of troubled karmic consequences that remain stuck and unresolved. The atmosphere is more peaceful, allowing space and time to do more important things than struggling with unhappy circumstances. No matter what your present situation is, begin now by appreciating what brings good karma: genuine kindness to others and dedication of that merit to ward becoming the one capable of benefiting many more in the future. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Wer eine Überfülle an tugendhaftem Karma besitzt hat tatsächlich weniger Karma! Es ist außerdem eine flüchtigere Last als die Ansammlung dichter Knoten an sorgenschweren karmischen Auswirkungen, die festsitzen und sich nicht auflösen. Die Atmosphäre ist friedvoller und gewährt Raum und Zeit, um wichtigere Dinge zu erledigen, anstatt sich mit unglücklichen Umständen herumzuschlagen. Egal wie Deine gegen

Too Many Choices for Children?

I have observed many 3-year-old children who have too many clothes; they have too many shoes, too many little sweaters, and too many little coats.  They personally own too many little toys, too many electronics. Some 3 or 5-year-olds even have their own cell phones!  This too much stuff is a culture based upon satisfying personal desires in small beings that actually are not built for that.  They are built for safely exploring their physical world.  They are built for rolling in the snow, or in fields of flowers.  They are not built for the mental task of separation from safety.  Forcing small children pushes the children into their own zone. ”This is the one that I would choose, but which one do you choose?” says that you and I are not like each other anymore.  How can the child trust when they don’t feel a part of mother or father or family?  They feel unsafe.  We can learn to put up walls and barriers between others and ourselves, a natural outcome of making lots of random choices.