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Disenchanted, Bodhichitta Blues and Cheerful for No Reason....

  Some spiritual people feel disenchanted with the world by not getting what they want even thought they flexed their spiritual muscles to get it, or actually getting what they wanted but it's still not exactly right for them. As a result, they might generate a kind of calling to their own end of life that, as practitioners, they actually do not have permission to do. We each are expected to care and guard carefully the bestowals, blessings and realizations that we have experienced or received. Whims, such as, “I’m just sick of this world,” or “The teachers of old were right; this place is just a horror. I just want to get out of it" are a vacillation between long life to become a better practitioner, and calling the end of life because you hate samsara and what it has not provided for you! The middling understanding of appreciation of precious human life means that we no longer indulge personal comfort in how we feel about samsara; in fact, we must choose