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Buddhism: the Contemporary World View

You came to this world to learn how to get back on the evolutionary journey to perfection. Each and every one of us needs to meditate with a calm and steady mind to become familiar with the steps needed in the next segment of the Great Journey. You are capable of achieving your potential, it is built into you! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Du bist auf diese Welt gekommen, um zu lernen, wie Du zur evolutionären Reise zur Vollkommenheit zurückkehren kannst. Jeder einzelne von uns muss lernen, mit ruhigem und beständigem Geist zu meditieren, um sich mit den Schritten vertraut zu machen, die für den nächsten Abschnitt der Großen Reise notwendig sind. Du bist fähig dazu, Dein Potential zu erreichen; es ist ein Teil von Dir!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --- The portion of dharma teachings that are integrated into your mind stream is the only preserved dharma you actually hold. The dharma is vast and will require a great deal of development to be considered a great preserver o

What Kind of Karma Does a Newborn Baby Have?

As a new born baby, you were the product of all the karma from your just previous life or lives. However, as you grew older you exhausted some of that accumulation of karma through experiences while gaining new karma as its result. The ordinary process of gaining and exhausting binding karma would be like trying to sweep away the entire ocean! You are still currently a product of the ripening aspect of previous lives with much unexhausted karma that influences and compels you. This is the grave situation that all living beings are in. Karma without dharma is endless. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ ""Als neugeborenes Baby warst Du das Produkt Deines Karmas aus dem gerade vorhergehenden Leben, oder aus mehreren vorherhehenden Leben. Im Lauf des Älterwerdens hast Du jedoch einen Teil dieser karmischen Ansammlung durch Erlebnisse abgebaut, während Du als Resultat wieder neues Karma angesammelt hast. Der gewöhnliche Prozess des Ansammelns und Erschöpfens von bindend

Your Own Mandala Matrix

Some years ago, I instigated and have worked on a special project to understand further my insights regarding what I call the Personal Mandala Matrix. I have done much new research with the wonderful assistance of Dr. Capri Fillmore, a medical researcher and physician and Dr. Mitzie Forbes, a PHD researcher, who record and document t he findings. What is a Mandala Matrix? Number one; it is the organization of individual perceptions. Number two; it is the living process of intensities of energy residing in and empowered by the perceptions and the interior life force controlled by perceptions. Number three; it is the dynamic between perceptions. I share with you just a bit from my work. In the future, I hope that others will come forward to develop a machine such as CAT scan to diagnose disease mechanically in the way that I can do with my mind. I charge nothing for my work and will freely offer the valuable data at the end of the study to forward development of

Vegan Utopian Dream and Unrestricted Buddhas

Went to town today and passed by many farm wagons spreading manure on the fields; a usual spring activity. It struck me that an important element to grow the vegetables that will be harvested this year are due to this animal produced product. Vegetarians should not use any animal products.. right? If we think that this is a wasted byproduct, then in the future when the utopian vegetarian/vegan worldview is secure, where will manure come from? We will have to raise animals for their manure! Is that ok from a vegan philosophical position? ~DGR ~~~ "Auf dem Weg in die Stadt sah ich heute viele Farmfahrzeuge, die Jauche auf den Feldern verteilten; eine übliche Angelegenheit im Frühjahr. Mir kam dabei der Gedanke, dass ein von Tieren erzeugtes Produkt ein wichtiger Bestandteil der im Herbst geernteten Gemüseproduktion ist. Vegetarier sollten keine tierischen Produkte essen.. stimmt's? Wenn wir glauben, dies sei ein verschwendetes Nebenprodukt, wo wird dann in Zuku