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You are attached to hate.... Quote


Chemistry of Change:part 6, Samadhi States

We are all looking together at one small but important facet of the path to transformation, the cascading effects on body and mind of change. During the time of the actual change, you are not even there. Did you know that? This is why accomplished meditators practice various kinds of trance states such as samadhi, so that they can deliberately hold their awareness into an artificial configuration while the change is occurring from the interior. No one remains in these artificial conditions longer than absolutely needed. This is actually very secret. I do not want you to think that I do not know what I am talking about because I am relating it to you in such a casual manner. These samadhi states are special technical processes facilitated through the interior process to hold you while something you do not need anymore is being taken away. Fascinating, huh? After the change event, your awareness moves back into normal processing through the perceptual matrix from the samadhi state

Chemistry of Change part five

Meditators love the feeling of change and the challenge of stabilizing the energies in a new configuration. This stabilizing and balancing of the whole being after events of change is as important as the event of minor or major breakthroughs. However, as soon as that is accomplished there arises a sense of peace that signals that you are ready for another change. Transformative energies do push and pull on your entire system. Anything that creates change could create stress. So, we work with it – not by complaining, “stress, stress, this is something I can’t take”,but calmly and with reliance and refuge in The Three Jewels of the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. While we are meditating in order to induce change and the changes are actually happening, if we apply negative perceptions we literally stop changing. No meditator would want that- that would be like death to stop changing. Your mass of perceptions is organized into a pattern that literally is you in the human realm. During