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Your reality and Reality

Reality is to be found interior to the world, interior to body and even mind. It has been discovered by the sages of all times that what is more subtle is more toward reality than the denseness of the physical world and is what brings rise to the manifestation of the appearance of the world, body and mind. You, who superficially appears to be here, is NOT actually the real living being that you presume to be present. You are a form, a version, of your individual actual living organism, which exists in another mode of being. While walking, sitting, thinking or performing any activity, it is only by virtue of the actual you, which is interior to yourself. Because it lives on a more subtle level, it is impossible to be discovered by dissection or by methods of science, since science has yet to determine what is life or what is mind, undiscoverable by present measurements. The actual one that you are is an untransformed energy being. That individual is not an American, not

The Dalai Lamas Meditation

It is important to gain deep inner confidence by daily meditation practice and not superficially affirm that because we are already perfect, everybody should just enjoy life. His Holiness the Dalai Lama meditates for hours each day but is not complacent. He is a very practical person and a good politician while remaining in a coherent happy state of mind. I myself do not separate from meditation and travel extensively, teaching and interacting with people with problems so severe that they would make your hair stand straight up. Yet, I do not become depressed but also feel satisfied and with an optimistic outlook on life. Correct meditation does not cause one to become distanced from or escape responsibilities of the world in dreamlike rejection. Neither does it cause meditators to lose their altruistic grip by feeling that they are okay while all others continue to suffer. Internal safety of correct refuge in the Buddha, dharma and sangha makes us capable of keeping a

A New View of Oneself with Buddhist Golden Rule

Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and accomplished meditators experience the unity of all living beings after examining it in several ways. I feel that the golden rule is a valuable tool for that realization by reflecting how it would feel if my specific action toward another were actually them doing that to me, how I would feel, and how I might approach my intended action differently. The other part of this higher preparation view is a deep understanding of how all sentient beings are suffering; seeing oneself as a part of that faceless mass of beings will present a new view of oneself. Then, the golden rule will definitely cause us to see, that from the viewpoint of compassion, the dilemma of harming another harms all because of interconnectivity. A premature and inappropriately simplistic view that we are all one should be instead used as an aphorism for the accomplished transformation after completing the preparation steps. It is only by the return from the complex preparation