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When your karma is dharma, you are halfway home

Our world is our present field of challenges that are preventing us from an organic and natural evolutionary development. This is also the place and time where, (if all goes well) we will at last discover how to truly get along with others, one of the great challenges of life. With“others” always with us in one way or another, uncovering barriers to real openness is a pathway to higher insight.  The closest that most folks get to creating strong connections with others is by thinking of them as “mine.” My family. My boyfriend. My girlfriend. This is my country. This can easily lead to racism or other extremist views that denigrate those that are “not mine”. On the other hand, many spiritual seekers try to avoid the danger of a personal ego trip with a semi-skillful use of “mine” to include others as belonging to them. However, the problem of ego still remains because we have now extended the reach of “me” into “mine.” ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Unsere Welt ist unser momentanes