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Cosmologically Speaking

According to prophecy Maitreya Buddha will appear in India. I have heard that there are Tibetans, devoted Buddhists and perhaps even monastics that say Maitreya Buddha will be a Tibetan. Maitreya Buddha's going to be a Tibetan and that's that. But if Maitreya Buddha arrive during a period of advanced technology and world society is more unified than it is now, we hope that Maitreya Buddha will be a world citizen and not exclusively belonging to Tibet or to India or even to America. We don't know where Lord Buddha Maitreya will appear. It is said that Maitreya Buddha will appear in the Southern Continent. So that brings up interesting ideas about cosmology of Buddhism, and exactly where is the Southern Continent? According to Indian Buddhism, the Southern Continent is only India, although the great minds that developed this I'm sure did not have that limited agenda. I hesitate to really go into cosmology in the details because I'd need the text here to really be care

I Hate Mondays!

A discussion arose quite recently; a friend asked us what was our favorite day of the week. Another dear Buddhist friend responded quickly “I hate Mondays!” We looked at each other and recognized something important had just occurred. Perhaps it sounds illogical from an ordinary point of view but I felt actually frightened. Not just the bursting out but it was apparent that there was depth of his considerable character that was involuntarily involved. B casually inquired, “Did anything nice ever happen to you on a Monday?” Enemy of Monday thought, logically impossible that no good thing ever happened on a Monday. “Yes, I agree that some nice things did happen on Mondays.” I entered the conversation. Yes, I was filled with Buddhist disappointment that my friend felt hate and at the same time a rise in inner energy was perceived as excitement or even feeling as a kind of glee. I was in debate mode. “Ahem, among the nice things that happened, did anyone give you something special on a Mon