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Buddhism and the Supremacy of the Individual

The concept of refuge in Eastern culture and spirituality directly conflicts with an ingrained Western concept of supremacy of the individuality. It means that many who wish to experience authentic Buddhism will have a crucial issue even before beginning serious practice. Perhaps it is more valuable to discuss that, rather than how wonderful refuge is, as though I was trying to sell you a used car. There are problems arising from an excessive sense of individuality. Have you ever observed the dynamics between parents and their babies of perhaps only four to five months in a store? The parents often expect even a three month old to learn how to make choices. For example, holding two teddy bears, they might say, “Which one do you like sweetie, this one, or that one? Do you want a red one or a blue one? Which one would make you more happy?” Showing this one and that one, the child must make their own choice. In one way, this is very much indicative of your cult

The Shock of Regret

Did you ever accidentally spill water or a cup of nice hot coffee on your computer? Do you remember what went through your mind at that moment? Perhaps it was horror and instant regret for the loss of important data that was not backed up. This could be a small taste of the shock of regret we might experience at the end of our life fo r what is about to disappear. We will need a firm connection to our next way of being as soon as possible as well as holding few regrets so that our passing away from the human realm can be more skillful. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ " Hast Du je versehentlich Wasser oder eine schöne, heiße Tasse Kaffee über Deinen Computer gekippt? Erinnerst Du Dich, was Dir in dem Moment durch den Kopf ging? Vielleicht war es Horror oder ein sofortiges Bedauern über den Verlust wichtiger Daten, die nicht abgespeichert waren. Dies könnte ein kleiner Vorgeschmack auf den Schock oder das Bedauern sein, welche wir vielleicht am Ende unseres Lebens über das

Norbu Retreat House is Nearly Finished

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Enlightenment Happens First in a Dream

Karma is like a loaded freight train with a full head of steam barreling down the track. The coal shoveler rests, expecting the train to immediately stop because they stopped feeding it. That is the dilemma of a spiritual person, patience in the face of their impending unhappy karma. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ Enlightenment happens first in a dream and does not last for more than a moment. However, one awakens the next morning without memory of that but feeling quite different. This will go on from time to time (if lucky) until that person begins to practice in earnest. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ Erleuchtung findet zuerst in einem Traum statt und dauert nicht länger als einen Moment. Man wacht zwar am nächsten Morgen auf, ohne sich daran zu erinnern, aber man fühlt sich ziemlich verändert. Dies passiert von Zeit zu Zeit (wenn man Glück hat), solange bis die Person ernsthaft anfängt zu üben." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Stay at a Hermitage for Spiritual Retreat

Image Building a Buddhist Retreat and Hospice in America!/album.php?fbid=151309431600353&id=151293791601917&aid=32925 Stay at the Hermitage for Spiritual Retreat

Really Making Equanimity Stay!

Equanimity will not be accomplished without effort. Once the mind settles into correct equanimity, we will become even more capable of making effort toward the actual awakening. That is because an undisturbed mind is able to act more skillfully. Fake equanimity would be to just give up and not make effort, a kind of deluded passivi ty. This is not equanimity, just inaction by depression. However, if we gain equanimity based on compassion for others, we can go anywhere and do anything! Practice by contemplating the steps to equanimity, such as seven-point mind training, to increase a healthy desire to gain equanimity. By connecting our practice of equanimity to benefiting others in the future, we become capable of profound realizations! In a healthy and balanced manner, we will continue to have normal emotional activity while maintaining discipline over our emotions by the power of our emerging compassion for others. Suppressing emotions gives a temporary peaceful r

Only Two Reasons to Be Born as a Human Being

If we cared for other at least as well as we care for ourselves, this world would be a heaven JE TSONGKAPA, Manjushri in human form. I rejoice! Change is the only constant in life There are only two real lessons we need to accomplish as human beings: discovering and practicing the true nature of compassion and working hard to get along with others, first hand and up close! If we are not making effort to work on one or the other, then we are just wasting our precious time, as if we were just entertaining ourse lves, eventually nothing of deep value will occur. Alert, aware, friendly, and helpful: these are qualities we need. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~ "Es gibt nur zwei wirkliche Lektionen, die wir als menschliche Wesen lernen müssen: die wahre Natur des Mitgefühls entdecken und es praktizieren, und hart daran arbeiten, uns mit anderen unmittelbar und aus nächster Nähe zu verstehen! Wenn wir uns nicht anstrengen an einem dieser Dinge zu arbeiten, verschwenden wir bloß