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Imagine a Perfect World

 Imagine what our world would be like with less grasping attachments and aversions that disturbed our minds. Imagine what it would be like without war or conflict. Imagine if crimes such as thievery and rape were impossible, that crimes like this did not exist. Imagine our world so peaceful that equanimity was the norm and those dwelling on the push and pull of craving attachment and disgust, wh o were suffering from grasping and hatred would be sent for healing. When their attachment and aversion subsided, they would again be allowed to participate in normal society without harming themselves or others.~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~ "Stell Dir vor wie unsere Welt aussähe wenn es weniger klammernde Anhaftung und Abneigung gäbe, die unseren Geist verstören. Stell Dir vor wie sie ohne Krieg oder Konflikt aussähe. Stell Dir vor Verbrechen wie Diebstahl oder Vergewaltigung wären unmöglich, dass solche Verbrechen nicht existierten. Stell Dir unsere Welt so friedlich vo