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Are You as Good at Receiving Gifts as Giving Them?

Being on the receiving end of a gift is often seen as a tricky area for spiritual people because everything costs something. It is usual for gifts to come with a "cookie" attached: reciprocity, demand for gratitude, or pressure to conform. Even what is most free will still cost you something: you will have responsibility for its care and preservation. Examples of this would be nature, a free puppy, or a donated used coffee pot. Buddhism emphasizes giving and generosity but with the wisdom of perceiving the emptiness of the three objects: giver, receiver, and what is given. With remembrance of that... it would be a Merry Dharma Christmas! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Für spirituelle Menschen ist es oft eine schwierige Sache Geschenke zu empfangen weil ja alles etwas kostet. Normalerweise hängt an Geschenken ein 'Cookie' mit dran: Gegenseitigkeit, Anspruch auf Dankbarkeit, oder Anpassungsdruck. Selbst etwas, das umsonst war, wird Dich noch e