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Learning About Others But Not Abuse Them

To someone in more advanced preparation for transformation to the enlightened state, this whole world might often seem like an insane asylum. Why would people keep doing harm to each other? Why would they keep doing that to themselves? The pain felt while observing this insanity is almost unendurable to a sensitive and  compassionate person.  Moreover, from a higher point of view, living beings  that are hurting themselves and each other are actually perfection that has become contaminated in the illusory. Then, the suffering and confused need to be separated and isolated to avoid contaminating the more evolved spheres of living beings. This separation is not just being forced to live in this world, but also other kinds of isolation within society. Some will need to be hospitalized with even more severe mental disturbances than the norm to heal or to protect others from them. Some have contagious energetic diseases such as communion with lower entities. Sincere dharma practice w