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Thought for Saturday ( + Spanish, French, German, Italian ) retranslations welcome!

"May the circle be unbroken, may vajra brothers and sisters be so happy to know each other through the circle of initiation. May they be gentle and helpful. Bonds of commonality are discovered in strong practitioners sharing the same root lama who facilitates the changes in the inner life force DNA to Buddha spiritual DNA. For some, it is likely that karma from the past has created the opportunity to meet each other again in this life with the same lama. Be nice to them because you will be with them again. Bring only positive karma to your relationship in thought and action" ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Puede el círculo estar no roto, pueden los hermanos vajra y las hermanas ser tan contentos de saber el uno al otro por el círculo de iniciación. Pueden ellos ser suaves y provechosos. Los lazos de la concordancia son descubiertos en practicantes fuertes que comparten al mismo lama de raíz que facilita los cambios del ADN de fuerza de vida interior a Buda ADN espiritual. Para…

Quotation... Compassion is...

painting by Nicholas Roerich

Thought for Friday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome!

“You know the rubber bands around broccoli? I keep them because they are so substantial that they really invite themselves to be kept, and yet I rarely use them. Why? Because when stretched, they are too strong. Like that, just now, you have been pulled away from everyday activities, and our time here holds us together like a broccoli rubber band. At any moment, the compression will be released and we will all come apart from our gathering. Ping! You go back to Google drifting, TV, your books or your knitting, whatever it is that holds you there, but you have been stretched to be with us here, which is not bad” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

excerpt from Power of Prayer in English

¿" sabes las gomas alrededor del brécol? Los guardo porque ellos son tan sustanciales que ellos realmente se invitan a ser guardados, y aún raramente los uso. ¿Por qué? Como cuando estirado, ellos son demasiado fuertes. Así, ahora mismo, has sido separado de activida…

Thought for Thursday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome!

"Meaningful change only comes at the cost of realizing that you cannot both change and remain the same. Most people wish for things to change, but they themselves do not want to change. They only want something added to their lives. This is not meaningful change, and as practitioners and meditators, or people who pray for world peace, you cannot remain the way you are now" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"El cambio significativo sólo viene a costa de la realización que tú no puedes ambos cambiar y permanecer el mismo. La mayor parte de personas desean cosas de cambiar, pero ellos ellos mismos no quieren cambiar. Ellos sólo quieren algo añadido a sus vidas. Esto no es el cambio significativo, y como practicantes y meditators, o la gente que reza de la paz mundial, no puedes permanecer el modo que eres ahora" ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Le changement significatif vient seulement au prix du fait de se rendre compte que tu ne peux pas changer les deux et rester le même. La…

Thought for Wednesday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome!

“Uncovering your view. In deeper levels of meditation, new inner methods open to uncover your personal view, then trains to perceive reality that allows reality to change your view. This is the actual change. However, there are many transitional stages before reality can be presented. There are many valid transitional stages needed to achieve and experience. that is why meditation and the path is a process rather than just a beginning point and a goal. That is why it is called a path” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

“Destape de tu vista. En niveles más profundos de la meditación, nuevos métodos interiores abiertos para destapar tu vista personal, luego se entrena para percibir la realidad que permite que realidad cambie tu vista. Esto es el cambio actual. Sin embargo, hay muchas etapas de transición antes de que la realidad pueda ser presentada. Hay muchas etapas de transición válidas tenía que conseguir y experiencia. por eso la meditación y el camino son un proceso, más bien que sólo un pun…

Thought for Tuesday (+ Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome!

“Why would I be concerned about compassionate speech? It would be better to just speak less and pray for others more to achieve the desired results. That is not true, because it is an important part of both main reasons to be alive as a human being. The first is to learn the true nature of compassion, and the second reason is to learn how to get along with others. Compassionate speech strikes both causes of why you, specifically, are here in the human realm” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

¿" por qué estaría preocupado yo por el discurso compasivo? Sería mejor hablar sólo menos y rezar de otros más para conseguir los resultados deseados. No es verdad, porque es una parte importante de ambos motivos principales de estar vivo como un ser humano. El primer debe aprender la naturaleza verdadera de la compasión, y la segunda razón es aprender a ponerse junto con otros. El discurso compasivo golpea ambas causas de por qué, expresamente, estás aquí en el reino humano” ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~…

Quotation ... His Holiness is....


Psychic Senses

The five senses used correctly are stable bases for the experience of this world. The five inner bases are the bases for the outer senses and are the true sense bases. However, there are many more inner senses that belong to higher development and are not suitable for human life. Most of these have no preparation stage for development in the human realm and are introduced after enlightenment.

In fact, too soon an introduction to them can cause inappropriate linking of human life and perceptions of higher development. The fascination with psychic can cause one to become stuck in cyclic existence and power techniques, instead of clear and meaningful changes needed to become the one ready for transformation.

Development toward full awakening of Buddhahood is a human preparation activity and not the thing itself. Hence, introduction to emptiness of the illusory is given to break that fascination before (or to avert) the creation of unusual karmic consequences. These karmic ties are …

Thought for Sunday (+Spanish, French, German, Italian) retranslations welcome!

"We should have more careful personal criteria regarding burnout. You can't say, “I’m burned out because I am too compassionate. I shouldn’t be so compassionate.” Not like that. We should also not demand a lower standard of effort for our self so that we do not become burned out. We also should not get caught in a no win situation, where doing our work to the best of our ability we burn out, but not doing our best, we haven't done it well enough. That wouldn’t be fair!"~Domo Geshe Rinpoche~~~

"Deberíamos tener criterios personales más cuidadosos en cuanto a burnout. Usted no puede decir, “soy incendiado porque soy demasiado compasivo. Yo no debería ser tan compasivo.” No así. También no deberíamos exigir un estándar inferior del esfuerzo para nuestro mí de modo que no nos hagamos incendiados. También no deberíamos ser agarrados en una ninguna situación de triunfo, donde haciendo nuestro trabajo a la mejor de nuestra capacidad nos consumimos, pero no hacer todo lo…