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Preserving Buddhism from Chinese Destruction!

It is vital to have a steady preservation system holding and disseminating the teachings of the Buddha. The ordained sangha, temples to hear teachings in person, preserving the written dharma and supporting monasteries where the dharma is intensely studied are part of that system. Without that, the dharma would disappear in 50 years or less! That is what the Chinese government has been attempting for nearly five decades! Their subtle influence is world wide... ~DGR ~~~~~

""Es ist unerlässlich ein fortlaufendes System zu haben, dass die Lehren des Buddha erhält und verbreitet. Ein Teil dieses Systems sind der ordinierte Sangha, Tempel, wo man die Lehren direkt hören kann, die Erhaltung des niedergeschriebenen Dharma und die Unterstützung von Klöstern, wo das Dharma intensiv studiert wird. Ohne all das würde das Dharma innerhalb von 50 Jahren oder noch eher verschwinden! Dies ist es, was die chinesische Regierung seit beinahe fünf Jahrzehnten zu tun versucht! Ihr subtiler Einfl…

Who Can Be a Human Being?

The general qualities, which make a living being a candidate for the human realm: habitual familiarity with the innate view of the human realm, craving for the human realm, and a lack of closure of previous karma created in the human realm. Not only that, but your human karma had to be stronger than karma for other realms. At the time before this birth, your human karma predominated, and your human karma is still strong. What kind of suffering or virtuous/non-virtuous human karma will be in your future cannot be fully understood because it is still in a fluid changing state. Therefore, the wise take a proactive approach, creating positive karmic imprints so that the next life will be a optimum state for gaining enlightenment… better yet… this very life! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Die allgemeinen Qualitäten, die ein Lebewesen zu einem Kandidaten für den menschlichen Bereich machen sind: gewohnheitsmäßige Vertrautheit mit der angeborenen Sichtweise des menschl…

Why Do We Experience Love?

We can love others only because they are already dear by nature, and when we discover that for ourselves. They actually do not require our love to become dear, they always were, but we benefit by that realization!
Our budding relationship with all living beings depends on that understanding. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Wir können andere nur lieben, weil sie schon von Natur aus liebenswert sind und erst wenn wir das für uns selbst entdecken. Tatsächlich benötigen sie unsere Liebe nicht, um liebenswert zu werden, denn sie waren es immer schon; aber wir profitieren von dieser Einsicht!
Unsere aufkeimende Beziehung mit allen Lebewesen hängt von diesem Verständnis ab." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

You are Too Valuable to be Sick!

Grasping increases the power of difficulties and unhappiness over you. You are more valuable than that! Don't identify with illness by even saying "I have Parkinsons disease or cancer"... These are experienced by the body and not YOU... YOU ARE NOT THE BODY!
Lord Buddha experienced a bad back but continued to teach and... did not suffer because he did not own it as part of his identity.... the guy with the bad back.... NO! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Anhaftung vergrößert die Macht, die Schwierigkeiten und Unglück über Dich haben. Du bist mehr wert als das! Identifiziere Dich nicht mit Krankheit, nicht einmal indem Du sagst 'Ich habe Parkinsonskrankheit oder Krebs'... Diese werden v...on Deinem Körper erfahren und nicht von DIR... DU BIST NICHT DER KÖRPER! Der Buddha hatte Rückenprobleme, aber er hat weiter gelehrt und nicht gelitten weil er nicht wollte, dass dies ein Teil seiner Identität sei.... der Typ mit den Rückenproblemen.... NEIN!" - D…

Why Don't We Feel Safe and Trusting??

The very first aspect of Buddhist refuge acknowledges that we do not feel as safe as we could or should. Many people do not feel safe because modern culture discouraged their parents from taking the responsibility of holding them, as a child, in a net of safety by making most decisions for them. This safety net should only gradually loosen, allowing young people to make their own choices as they become capable, while the young person continues to feel cared for by relying on their own capacity for trust in their parents.
This emergence into decision-making and the resulting adult is balanced and comfortable, but this process is almost antithetical to the inorganic pride gained by pressuring children into the separation of individuality too young. Therefore, Buddhists, or those interested in Buddhism, are left with a dilemma of how to trust the Buddha from a shaky and underdeveloped trust system. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Der allererste Aspekt der buddhistis…

This World Was Meant to Be Heaven

It is my thoughtful opinion that this world was meant to be a pure land, a place of higher training for how to get along with others and increasing inner strength by positive experiences. It is not a final destiny, but a portion of the path to completion that is only in perfection. The adventitious suffering can now only be thrown off by effort to touch the original intention. That is why some perceive this world as a pure place and others will see it as a hell realm!
Other pure lands are locations of intense connection with a particular enlightened being such as the Buddha of Compassion or Green Tara. They are perceptual realms as is the human realm. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Es ist meine gutüberlegte Ansicht, dass diese Welt als reiner Bereich gedacht war: ein Ort des höheren Trainings, damit man sich besser mit anderen versteht und die innere Stärke durch positive Erlebnisse anwachsen kann. Sie ist kein Endziel, sondern ein Teil des Wegs zur Vervollkommnun, die …

Who is in Charge of Tibetan Lineages?

The actual lineages of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism are the inner lineages. They are the actual owners of the tulku process. ~DGR ~~~

""Die eigentlichen Linien der Hauptschulen im tibetischen Buddhismus sind die inneren Linien. Sie sind die wirklichen Eigentümer des Tulkuprozesses." - DGR ---"

Why Use Logic in Spirituality?

One of the many purposes of the study of formal logic is to become adept in taking a perceptual construct, or view, apart and examine the details in an isolated manner. By putting it back together without conflicting inconsistencies, that cohesiveness then makes more sense than the original view. This clarified view can then be added to other clarified views of other constructs to create a holistic penetration of generalized incongruities, such as the innate view, which takes what is unreal to be real. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Eine der vielen Zielsetzungen des Studiums der formalen Logik ist, dass man geschickt darin werden möchte Wahrnehmungskonstrukte oder Ansichten auseinanderzunehmen, um die Bestandteile getrennt voneinander untersuchen zu können. Wenn man... sie dann ohne widerstreitende Ungereimtheiten wieder zusammensetzt, ergibt sich daraus eine Festigkeit, die mehr Sinn macht, als die ursprüngliche Ansicht. Diese verdeutlichte Ansicht kann man dann zu de…

The Pain That Healers Feel

At some point in spiritual practice, there arrives a gripping, heartfelt pain associated with seeing how much suffering there is for others. Many spiritual practitioners who are healers cannot endure that feeling; it is so powerful that it seems to be deeply rooted in, perhaps even a past life. This need to be a healer, to acknowledge that suffering is far-reaching, is like a toothache; touching it causes the pain to intensify, but she or he cannot stop touching it.
One kind of healer that I love so much, is rich in qualities of compassion, skillful, but not proud. That highly motivated healer is capable and spiritually alert. Those called to being a healer have idealism to doing good in this world. It is an emotional response from one’s own spiritual development affirming that it is possible to end suffering. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

""An einem gewissen Punkt kommt es bei der spirituellen Praxis zu einem ergreifenden, tiefempfundenen Schmerz, der damit zu tun hat, dass man s…

Seated for a Teaching in the Air

The Heruka tantras, the highest, most comprehensive of all of the Buddhist tantras revealed in this world-system, are associated with practices traditionally done around Mount Meru, as well as other places. Mount Meru is also known as Kailash and called Khang Rinpoche or precious snow mountain by Tibetans and is the center of the Heruka world.
Many Heruka practitioners are not in human form. There are ancient Heruka practitioners, who remain unseen to the human eye while attending teachings of their interest and training. Each one attending is seated according to their qualities and their class of being. Some will be seated on chairs, some will be on cushions. Others will be seated in the air and some of those present to receive the teachings will be seated in places in the vast interior. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~
"Die Heruka Tantras, die höchsten, umfassendsten aller buddhistischen Tantras die in diesem Weltsystem offenbart wurden, werden mit Praktiken assozii…

Video Journey Across Lifetimes

Hazmat suits for Bodhisattvas!

The Buddhas and bodhisattvas arrive here protected by hazmat suits made from compassion, determination and the wisdom that understands the illusory nature of this world. ~DGR ~~~~

""Die Buddhas und Bodhisattvas kommen hier in Schutzanzügen an, die aus Mitgefühl, Entschlossenheit und der Weisheit, die die illusorische Natur der Welt versteht, bestehen." - DGR ---"

Training the 'Ol Brain...

The brain is a mechanical processing center that can become wrongly trained by using the self made filters of attraction and aversion. The mind, a living organism of another order, is within the heartspace, (not the physical heart but in the center). Rely on the mind, which controls the brain instead of relying on the reactive brain. Then, improve the mind! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~
"Das Gehirn ist ein mechanisches Verarbeitungszentrum, das durch die Anwendung von selbstgemachten Filtern für Anziehung und Abneigung falsch trainiert werden kann. Der Geist ist ein lebendiger Organismus einer anderen Ordnung und befindet sich im Herzzentrum (nicht im körperlichen Herzen, sondern in der Mitte). Vertraue auf den Geist, der das Gehirn kontrolliert, anstatt Dich auf das reaktive Gehirn zu verlassen. Und dann verbessere den Geist!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche

How Pleasant To Be Around Non-Suffering People!

What a pleasure to be around people who don't suffer much.. isn't that so? I shall try harder to be that kind of person also, so that others are comfortable around me! ~DGR ~~~
Wie schön ist es doch, mit Menschen zusammen zu sein, die nicht viel leiden... nicht wahr? Ich werde mir mehr ...Mühe geben, auch diese Art von Mensch zu sein, damit sich andere in meiner Gegenwart wohlfühlen!" - DGR---