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Discussion with Students, What is a Buddha?

Rinpoche: What is a fully enlightened being? Just suppose you could understand the nature of a full enlightened being.
Student: Someone who understands and has control of their mind.
Rinpoche: Their human mind?
Student: Yes.
Rinpoche: I have to say that that is not the description of a Buddha. That is not a description of a fully enlightened being. In a way, that is true. Were you doing a nice supposition?
Student: Now I change my mind, and I say 'that doesn’t sound right.'
Rinpoche: Because the Buddhas have many experience including activities and life processes in other places?
Student: When I say other realms, I say it as something that I have absolutely no idea about.
Rinpoche: All right. Who else? What is a fully enlightened being? What are some of the other things that you understand or feel is right?
Student: Purity or a pure nature.
Rinpoche: Very good, this is very good thinking because you do not have to describe what that purity or pure nature is, but from your point o…

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Sea of Compassion part 4 video

copy and paste into your browser- last of 4 in series seven points to arouse compassion of seeing all beings as your own precious mother! Very different than Western method of compassion!

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Mystery of Emptiness & Love-- book launch

excerpt from Mystery of Emptiness & Love being published very soon by Hermitage Buddhist Publishing.

There are Buddhist centers in nearly every town and city, yet most people who are interested in spiritual development never walk into one. You are probably like them, researching on your own for many years before deciding to enter a group setting. Perhaps you will never meet Buddhists face to face but will choose to read and contemplate deep questions at your own pace. Whether you are studying on your own or under the guidance of a mentor, this book will assist you in uncovering answers to some of the deepest questions of philosophers and sincere thinkers about the nature of reality (i.e., what is real). Based on common sense, in easy language and with correct Buddhist reasoning, this guide will encourage you to put into practice the analysis of reality, rather than simply acquire more knowledge. This book will also act as an guide to many important points regarding the core o…

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