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Conversations with Domo Geshe Rinpoche video

working today on book Mystery of Emptiness and Love coming soon!
5 min video interview

Nothing more than a mass.... Quote

‎"DGR: Nichts weiter als eine Menge... Zitat

Der Mensch ist nichts weiter als eine Menge von Wahrnehmungen.
Wahrnehmung ist Bewusstsein, Bewusstsein ist Geist.
Die feinen inneren Geistesebenen entwickelter Wesen unterhalten verschiedene Beziehungen zur Wirklichkeit ohne verwirrt zu sein."

The Chemistry of Change part three

Meditators have a unique opportunity to observe themselves change from a subjective viewpoint. Interesting feelings are happening in the body and mind while the brain becomes rewired for new ways of receiving inner data both during and after minor and major changes. During the experience of transmutation, hormonal activity could be either newly stimulated or brain hormonal activity that was there could become suppressed. This does not mean it always happens this way, but there is a very strong possibility that there is new hormonal activity associated with that processing center, the brain … I am not talking about the mind folks... This is about the processing center that is built for the mind to direct activity that results in causing you to, for example, move an arm or have an idea. This is not the mind. The mind stimulates activity in the brain and part of that process is the hormonal system that activates cascades of chemicals.

Now, within the cells of the body, the cellular …

Like the bright full moon... Quote


Chemistry of Change (part two)

There are many sensations occurring in the body and mind of meditators that are unexplainable by medical or psychological science. When these are happening to a new meditator already confused about whether they are doing it correctly, every sensation seems to indicate that there is something wrong. Many meditators become excessively concerned and actually create physical or mental issues where none exist by the inadvertent misuse of the power of sacred energies awakening in meditation. That is why it is very important to maintain a happy and auspicious outlook as old habits are being dismantled in meditation practice and those energies that have been stuck in poor dynamics are being freed. I hope that what is discussed here will help you understand that these are fairly normal indications of changes.

Meditators might have feelings and changes of physical flexibility. We may feel that there is a lot of energy causing stiffness in the shoulders and neck. Perhaps before, the head t…

It is possible to understand...Quote


Chemistry of Change (part one)

We would not be pursuing spiritual subjects or meditation practice unless we wanted to change. Today we begin the topic of what it feels in the body and mind when we are changing inside. This is not just signs of inner spiritual development, as though we were becoming holier every day. The physical and mental changes produce practical and important influence on other areas of life. How we are changing our perceptions by meditation and living by Buddhist principles, changing our minds about what is truth, and seeking reality bears on what kind of career we choose and what kind of relationships we desire to have with others.

Spiritual inner change has effects in the physical body, brain, and mental functions that are energetic, chemical, and emotional. In Tibet, we did not discuss change in this way because we have a medical system that explains disease or mental difficulties as imbalances of the three humors and how that affects the mind and body. It also describes how meditatio…