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Inner Chaos

Chaotic inner energies will disrupt your mental peace and meditation practice like someone stamping around the kitchen while there is a souffle in the oven. We must be even gentler with our minds so that we do not encourage rough thoughts that will invite their rowdy companions. These coarse buddies of rough thoughts, such as blame and shame, competitiveness, and the precursors of neurotic behavior, will spoil the inner nutrition process of quality meditation. This is because these troubled and troubling elements begin to interact, very much like talking to each other, and the noise becomes terrible inside.

This is another piece of the careful meditation puzzle in just how to meditate correctly. When I say to my students, “You are talking to yourself,” this partly refers to how the perceptions are interacting with each other. The inner unhappy dialogue draws pseudo-spiritual sustenance from each other in ways that perceptions feel justified to be angry. “This is wrong, and this should …

Really Observing Others

When I am alert to the needs of others, I automatically move away from the suffering of my own ego-bound self-interest. When I am not looking at myself, my worldview opens to actually see others without mixing it with gross delusions. If I perceive others with trained alertness and watch them with practiced methods, this will convey clues for my own behavior. I will then become like a practiced dancer anticipating my partners every move in a free form dance with only the music to guide us!

Holding Mahayana motivation of seeing our own process linked to others is the supreme method for attaining our own awakening and personal completion; it is also the very opposite of what the ordinary, worldly person might expect to be fulfilling. At the awakened level, the bodhisattva helps others in this way. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Wenn ich wach für die Bedürfnisse anderer bin entferne ich mich automatisch vom Leiden meiner Selbstbezogenheit, die nur auf mich gerichtet ist. Wenn ich mich nich…

Thought for Thursday on Truth Quest (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

Everyone has their good days and their bad days. However, underlying the ups and downs of life, we may sense that something else important is missing. In addition, there are nameless anxious feelings that this is something we really should already know. It is like looking for your lucky socks that you need for an important meeting, digging through the sock drawer to no avail! This anxiety could be the signal activating the awakening desire to break free from our separation with reality. We want to know, we want to rejoice that we found and finally understand the big Truth, so we can quickly share it with others.

If we cannot figure out this Truth, we might stop trying. We might even continue to experience a desire to search for personal truth from time to time, but give it up repeatedly as being too complicated. Therefore, there must be something about the way we search that needs examination to get the desired result. Rather than rushing to find “truth” immediately, why not think abou…



Thought for Tuesday on cultivated emotions (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

The structure for a balanced outlook is complex. We can be shaken from our balance, the place where we experience our present state of happiness and peace. Regularly, inner and outer events shake us in that inner contented place, including the blessing of natural and organic evolutionary awakening. In an even deeper place, everyone who is not awakened to reality is spontaneously using a base illogical view that continuously produces suffering. This is a programming contrary to the peace we wish to experience that influences perceptions of how living beings are alive. From that, extends many other wrong perceptions; inner logical consequences of the set parameters. In Buddhism, we call this fundamental illogic the innate view. That is why waking to the enlightened state in that deep place creates such tremendous change. Programming of the innate inner view is gone, and the infusion of the illogical view dream state with all of its perceptual ramifications are destroyed.

Until that awake…

Thought for Monday on Feel Goods (read in Eng,Sp,Fr,Ger,It)

We are powerfully influenced by our internal worldview as well as the external world to seek spiritual experiences because we want to feel good. Naturally, everybody wants to feel good, but when it moves from a healthy perspective to become the central spiritual mandate, we could then become a helpless adherent of one of many cult like, feel-good religions that vie for our attention. “Give us dem feel-good feelings! We say, don't make effort, don't change, you are already perfect!” We might feel easy delight joining the chorus; “Don't tell me anything that might be difficult, or tell me I have to think, purify or change anything about me. Don’t ever talk to me about those things. I just want to feeeelllll good.” Well, that is what drugs are for. Whether we are using drugs sold on the streets or the recreational drugs of “feel good” spiritual process is not so different.

People with a main spiritual gauge of craving to feel good, fail as soon as something does not feel good.…

Joyful Anticipation ...quote