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Advanced Beings from Previous Lives Can Be Disoriented

Emanated beings occupying enlightened forms, such as buddhas and bodhisattvas, are not confused regarding illusory appearances. Those in nirmanakaya form, appearing as human beings, are not confused internally but may experience difficulties in life. Because they do not have full control of themselves until they have reentered the clarified and purified consciousness, they remain incapable of holding that knowledge.

Aside from emanations, others who have been practitioners in previous lives, even those who have received blessings of the buddhas and bodhisattvas in abundance, still remain unclarified and unpurified. Even they will feel confusion regarding the illusory nature of form, causing problems for continued development. Those who have experienced strong spiritual activity in previous lives, really want serious guidance in this present life. Not satisfied with baby pabulum of general instructions they will make effort to connect with a qualified mentor; there is something stronger…

Cultivating Joy: Free Podcast

In this season, a timely teaching on "Cultivating Joy" by Domo Geshe Rinpoche. This teaching provides information about the obstacles to cultivating joy. Our stories of painful emotions keep us in the past,supporting the lack of joy. Distinction is made regarding elements of outer and inner joy, and the effects on our Actual Being. We are shown the method of cultivating joy by being alive in the present moment.

Second Buddhist Refuge is by Faith

The first form of Buddhist refuge is a practice working toward reducing generalized fear and anxiety. Once our natural fear have been somewhat allayed, or completely fixed, we automatically feel happy and safe, isn’t that so? Only then are we more open to higher, more clarified emotional states. We will feel safe enough to explore higher concepts, and begin to feel faith arising: the second form of refuge practice, which further increases faith.

However, while still shaky inside, there is little “seed” faith to use as the powerful basis of refuge that it actually is! Having little trust and having faith would be mutually exclusive. For as long as we continue to cultivate trust issues, for as long as we are experiencing manifest fear and a lack of safety, it is unreasonable to say that we go for refuge out of faith. We must first create the mental space where we feel safe, and that is why it is important to hear and reflect upon the qualities of refuge in the Buddha, Dh…

Fixing the Ills of the World

If you only have enough time and energy to fix one problem, use that energy to work on reducing your self-cherishing. If you have time, energy and opportunity to do many, many things, then do them, but also work on self-cherishing. However, most people only work on the other things, and they do not work on their self-cherishing. So, what do they bring to their altruistic activities in well meaning organizations? Self-cherishing. And what is the success rate? Very low. The reason why the ills of the world have not been corrected is that the problem is not the ills, the problem is individual self-cherishing, combined with a lack of kindness toward others. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
""Wenn Du genug Zeit und Energie hast, um ein einziges Problem zu lösen, dann nutze diese Energie, um an der Reduzierung Deiner Egozentrik zu arbeiten. Wenn Du Zeit, Energie und die Möglichkeit hast an vielen, vielen Dingen zu arbeiten, dann tu das, aber arbeite auch an der Ego…

Can You Become a Deity?

Regarding the three bodies of a buddha: dharmakaya, sambogakaya and nirmanakaya. A meditator cannot assume an actual sambogakaya deity bliss body without already being a nirmanakaya (supreme human emanation). The meditator can only do this in a visualized manner as part of a tantric meditation practice. Emanation does not happen from human to deity level being, (from gross to subtle), only from subtle to gross. Sambogakaya bodies are the description of emanations of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas moving toward their working position of nirmanakaya. Of course, many (if not most) higher-level beings do not manifest in human form but remain in a working position of a sambogakaya being.
Learners, such as advanced meditators or bodhisattvas on the path of clarification have another process, attached to a sambogakaya form deity for continued learning. A nirmanakaya, supreme emanation body cannot be constructed from an ordinary human being; one moment an ordinary human being, and t…

What a Human Can Accomplish

The first stage of enlightenment is an awakening to the very thing possible for a human being to know: form is illusory. This first stage perceptual platform is not an intellectual construct, but an energetic shift of the inner vital being which makes you different inside. You will no longer be like other human beings; you will become a transformed being. It is the only reason you are here… to transform and transcend! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~
"Die erste Stufe der Erleuchtung ist ein Erwachen zu genau dem Wissen, das ein menschliches Wesen erlangen kann: Form ist illusorisch. Dieses erste Stadium einer Wahrnehmungstufe ist kein intellektuelles Konstrukt sondern eine energetischer Wandel des inneren lebendigen Wesens, der Dich innerlich verändert. Du wirst nicht länger so wie andere Menschen sein; Du wirst ein transformiertes Wesen sein. Dies ist der einzige Grund warum Du hier bist... um Dich zu verwandeln und zu transzendieren!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

How Does the Buddha Touch Us?

Phenomena do not exist from their own side, they only exist as interdependent arisings; this is classic Buddhist thought. Although there are present objects already manifested, or about to manifest, from causes and conditions, there are also other classes of more subtle phenomena, which change what is destined, even without all the causes and conditions met! Subtle pressures, such as blessings from buddhas and bodhisattvas can penetrate the illusory realms to ripen living beings to the awakened state of reality, without regard to causes and conditions. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~""Phänomene existieren nicht von sich aus, sie existieren nur als gegenseitig abhängige Erscheinungen; so lautet die klassische buddhistische Idee. Obwohl es bereits manifestierte gegenwärtige Objekte gibt, oder solche, die sich aus Ursachen und Umstände manifestieren werden, gibt es noch andere Klassen subtilerer Phänomene, die das Vorausbestimmte verändern, selbst ohne dass alle Urs…

The Suffering of the Busy and Successful!

It’s great to be busy and successful, but what if someone thwarts your work, preventing you from getting things done the way you want. This is a different kind of suffering than the manifest suffering of illness or poverty. Maybe there isn’t actual harm done to you, but folks will just not leave you alone! You can’t finish what you promised because people keep interrupting you! Arrgh!!
Often, unexpected things come up and you have to stop working on a project to take care of this new problem. Will you feel upset, angry or impatient because of the interruption? You know…it’s bad enough to be interrupted, but how you feel about interruption is what harms you. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpooche ~~~

""Es ist großartig geschäftig und erfolgreich zu sein, aber was ist, wenn jemand Deiner Arbeit entgegenwirkt und Dich daran hindert, Dinge so zu tun, wie Du es möchtest. Dies ist eine andere Art von Leid als das manifestierte Leid der Krankheit oder Armut. Vielleicht wirst Du sel…

Make Effort to Understand Buddhist Concepts

Whatever appears to you personally in the world and in your inner environment is comprised of confused and deceptive appearances, slathered onto its actual essence nature of perfection. A student responded to this by saying, ”I do not understand this, is it okay if I just let it go as a confusion, understanding that at its basis, it is perfection?” The answer is no. You are expected to make strong effort to understand vital points intellectually so that you become better at helping yourself awaken to reality. You will also become more capable with others and arise compassion effortlessly when you are not so easily influenced by deceptive appearances. Please do not see the distress and confusion regarding the explanation as just another confusion because that would put the explanation in an ordinary sphere, and it is not. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Quoiqu'il vous apparaïsse personnellement dans le monde et dans votre environnement intérieur, cela est composé d&…

Great Kindness Toward All

"Banishing one thing as bearing all blame and meditating with great kindness toward everyone" is actually one Seven Point Mind Training aphorism in two parts. Our only motivation toward every sentient being we meet should be to repay their kindness. Every harm inflicted on us by others has been due to our negative stimulation of them in the past, whereas they hold a representative standard of kindness offered to us in this life and in our previous lives. Upon deep reflection, Buddhists correctly train themselves to think, ‘others have looked after me for all of my lives, and I, in payment, have only stimulated their negativity. Now they are acting upon that negativity, harming others and also hurting me!’
A cycle of abuse between self-cherishing and receiving suffering from others is similar to the reverse of that: stimulating their suffering by teaching them to abuse others. Become the co-dependent stimulator of other’s negativities and you will become th…

What is Grasping? short video