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Our Confusion is a Rich Source of Meditation Material

A fried egg is to butter as anger is to irritation

The great dharma advice found in the seven point mind training suggests that we apply to our meditation whatever we might happen to meet. The problem is that wherever we go, whatever we are doing has already become the source of our confusion, to which self-cherishing has added the final drop of alcohol, making us crazy enough to do wrong things willingly. Turning this around, our own confusion is used as rich examples to direct our meditation toward understanding impermanence, suffering, karma and more. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~
"Die großen Dharmaratschläge, die man in der Geistesschulung in Sieben Punkten findet, besagen, dass wir unsere Meditiation zur Anwendung bringen, egal was passiert. Das Problem ist, dass egal wo wir sind und was wir tun dies bereits die Quelle unserer Verwirrung darstellt, zu der die Egozentrik den letzten Tropfen Alkohol hinzugefügt hat, was uns verrückt genug macht, aus freien Stücken d…

A High Quality Life Ends Confusion

A personal relationship with Buddha Manjushri will bless you with the confidence to become a wisdom holder under His Guidance.

How to become a better facilitator of your inner process is the work of Buddhist mind training, such as Lojong. As you train to generate certain high quality thoughts, your subconscious, and other inner minds, which are among the more subtle levels of your own mind, can become beneficially influenced by your daily activities. Not only are inner minds positively influenced, but you also gain closure to some pretty nasty bits of karmic residue lodged in the subtle that have manifested as sufferings endured in this lifetime.
When this life is over, and your actual being interior draws back its life force, the body and outer minds will fall away. At that point you will want to have experienced such a high quality life and closure to suffering that your actual being, an aspect of inner mind, shifts into inner awareness existence with no further outer …

What Buddhists Could Do About Strange News

The problem in understanding karma is the time lapse between cause and effect. We forgot what we forged when the iron prison gate is delivered!

Each bit of bad news about strange environmental occurrences: sea level rising, drought, floods and more, could shake our inappropriate confidence in worldly life, even while we are assisting those who are in danger zones. Now is the time to meditate on more important things. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
Jede einzelne schlechte Nachricht über ungewöhnliche Begebenheiten in der Umwelt: der Anstieg des Meeresspiegels, Dürre, Überschwemmung usw. könnte unser unangemessenes Vertrauen in das weltliche Leben erschüttern, selbst während wir jenen helfen, die in Gefahrenzonen leben. Jetzt ist der Zeitpunkt, um über wichtigere Dinge zu meditieren." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Impatient with the Buddha?

Enlightened beings, (in human form or other), should never be perceived as objects of our practice of patience. The dharma provides many techniques to generate equanimity, including patience. However patience is correctly directed toward objects, our own karmic problems, or our dysfunctional dynamics with others, excluding bodhisattvas. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Erleuchtete Wesen (ob in menschlicher oder anderer Form) sollten niemals als Objekte für unsere Übung in Geduld betrachtet werden. Das Dharma stellt uns viele Techniken bereit, um Gleichmut zu erzeugen, einschließlich der Geduld. Aber es ist korrekt die Geduld auf Objekte zu richten, auf unsere eigenen karmischen Probleme, oder unsere gestörten Beziehungen mit anderen (Bodhisattvas ausgenommen)." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Patrul Rinpoche Opening Statement

Dreams are an unfettered experience of inner mind~

Patrul Rinpoche, quite an iconoclastic fellow, lived about a hundred years ago and said what all good teachers say in different ways,….
You know, it is like the opening notes of a symphony, “brrrrrrr with the big drums ….”, then musicians pick up their violins and piccolos and begin to play. So this is the “dadadadada……” on the big base drum.
Patrul Rinpoche says “Crowned with the three jewels of the outer refuge, you have truly realized the three roots, the inner refuge. You have made manifest the three kayas, the ultimate refuge. Peerless teacher, at your feet I bow.”
Like all fine commentaries, the essence of what is going to be explained in the entire book is distilled into a single line or a few verses giving readers an idea what this is about. It is sort of like those yellow books that folks use when they do not have time to read the whole book….Cliff Notes. It is the Cliff Notes of Tibetan Buddhism. ~Domo Geshe…

The Staging Ground for Ultimate Reality

In higher standards, we will be judged by how well we learned to along with others and how we improved our compassionate nature. This is the value of a life well lived! ~DGR ~~~

Regarding the four Buddha bodies. Usually, we talk about Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya as the three bodies, but sometimes we see adding Svabhavakaya body, which is an important element in the teachings of the higher being. Svabhavakaya body is not actually a body, but a highly developed preactive mental state preparing for a neutral entry into Dharmakaya: the absolute truth body.
The Svabhavakaya referred to in classic texts translates into English as the emptiness of emptiness. This is emptiness devoid of all phenomena, even devoid of its own perception of the state of emptiness. This advanced state is a staging area, leaving all perceptions to enter into Dharmakaya. The Svabhavakaya is the state of neutral without phenomena arising, or the mind moving. It is not only the state of th…

Correct Self-cherishing is a Responsibility!

Visualize a perfect world, then make it real!

Never abandon your responsibility of correct self-cherishing in a dangerous situation. For example: if someone is trying to kill you, imagine the harm that you have brought to that person in the past to bring them to the point where they need to kill you to resolve some old energetic equation. When it is serious trouble, you need to... have a dual function of being sorry while running away as fast as you can. You do not want it to happen, and have an obligation to prevent them from doing that, because a great deal of karmic damage to them would go into the act of actually killing you. Since, out of compassion, you do not want anyone to experience that karmic result, at any cost you should try to keep that from happening!
If someone is out of control, you should definitely take steps so that they do not bring to fruition the harm they would like to inflict. Do not let them hurt you! If you let them hurt you, this hurts the…

the Unprocessed Waste of the Mind

"The only way to arise wisdom is to destroy the obstacles preventing wisdom from arising."

Every action, either with the body or the mind, has metabolic detritus. This is the problem, the unprocessed waste of daily living! Tidy up the house and do purification practices to rid the mind of everyday waste from mental processes. Beyond that, we can address the messes of previous days and lives! What!!?? You do not do cleansing meditation!!??? Wow! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Jede Handlung, egal ob körperlich oder geistig, erzeugt eine Art Stoffwechselabfallprodukt. Und das ist das Problem: der unverarbeitete Müll des Alltags! Räume Dein Haus auf und mache Reinigungspraktiken, um den Geist vom täglichen, durch geistige Prozesse verursachten Müll zu befreien. Darüber hinaus können wir uns um die Schlamassel aus vorangegangenen Tagen und Leben kümmern! Was!!?? Du machst keine Reinigungsmeditation!!??? Wow!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

A Sensual Approach to Buddhism

It's not about me and it's not about you! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~Spiritual evolution is real work, not physical or mental sensual gratification. A dedicated sensualists primary goal is seeking just another way to be happy without having to do much work, going from one thing to another without achieving full satisfaction. Deliberate inner work is what will eventually transform each of us into someone capable of being happy, and not by finding someone or something that is going to make us happy.
The work we do in Buddhist Lojong mind training, and our daily meditation practice gives us a great opportunity to understand how to work and make the necessary changes in order to transform. This lifelong process is not about being comfortable or discovering something that generates happiness, rather it is what will cause each of us to become valuable! Perhaps you forgot that you were supposed to become valuable, and not just another high-maintenance experiencer of manu…

Healing Narcissism with Buddhism

Recharge and refresh at the well of wisdom. ~DGR~~~
Refuge is not often taught in the West because it is difficult to understand in the correct way. It is meant to gently heal the confusion regarding how the individual relates to higher being, the only entry to ultimate reality.
Excessive nurturing of individualism is exciting for a while by giving a sense of power, but is so very limited by comparison to the greatness of the awakened state. There are many suffering ramifications for those who become adept at the worship of personal individuality. All of the ills of the dysfunctional ego: narcissism, racist and sexist attitudes and more could be healed with a healthy understanding of true refuge. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Die Zuflucht wird im Westen nicht oft gelehrt, da es schwierig ist, sie auf korrekte Weise zu verstehen. Sie sollte das Verhältnis des Einzelnen zum Höheren Sein auf sanfte Weise heilen, welches die einzige Art ist, um in die letztendliche Wirklichkeit einzu…