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A Direct Relationship with Tomatoes

Strong wind is blowing snow noisily across the big window. While bright sunshine throws rainbows inside, the fraying outdoor prayer flags are straining to hold onto their rope...

I have a relationship with the tomatoes that grow in my nearby garden. It is a good relationship filled with many happy memories. Others may have different kinds of relationships with tomatoes, isn’t that so? Some folks express a limited relationship by only eating them out of a can or in a restaurant, but others further relate to tomatoes by watering, weeding, picking and preserving them.
Like that, in our Buddhist or other spiritual practice, we don’t want a convoluted and stylized process that tastes “canned”! We want our very important connection with higher being to be clear, simple, and straightforward. Our alignment should be direct with the Buddha, right? That is the function of Vajrayana practice, to actually meet the Buddha. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Ich habe eine Beziehung zu d…

Laughing or Crying During Meditation is Weird?

When we are mindful, others like us more!

I am sure many of you, in the privacy of your own meditation space, on your cushion, will burst out laughing sometimes, enjoying some inner joke. If others could see you, they might think you are some kind of weirdo! Absolutely quiet… then, some silly happy feeling come bubbling up inside. I have been told, “I just felt like laughing out loud!”
Sometimes during meditation, sudden tears might fall, but this time you might feel bad or sad, without thinking about anything in particular. If this were not happening within a spiritual context, while you are working on inner development, you might worry about your own mental health! However, since you are in private, sitting on your cushion, no one can see or judge you and you remember that this is all part of the process to transformation. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Sicher brechen einige von Euch, wenn Ihr allein bei Eurer Meditation sitzt, manchmal in Gelächter über einen innere…

Subtle Karma + German Mystery of Emptiness & Love

In Tibet we said that cleaning the outside body so much is useless if we do not clean the inside... purifying the mind

There is a defining moment, the end of awareness for the individual, called death. Very little remains after death ends the earthly existence, but the subtle result of karma goes on until it achieves proper transformation through another vehicle.
The remaining physical body is lifeless, and without awareness; it is like a plant that returns to the earth element. However, the dynamic of the material recycling of plants or bodies that have been discarded actually has nothing to do with life itself! That remains the mystery of inner life, beyond body and even beyond non corporeal mental functions such as thinking. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Es gibt einen ganz bestimmten Moment, den man den Tod nennt, der das Ende des Bewusstseins für das Individuum darstellt. Nachdem der Tod die weltliche Existenz beendet bleibt nur sehr wenig zurück, aber die subtilen Auswirkungen des …

Stay at a Buddhist Hermitage for Spiritual Renewal

Private retreat or semi-retreats available at the Buddhist Hermitage in Central Wisconsin. Comfortable private room, good meals, quiet countryside environment. Semi-retreatants (2-30days) join the ordained residents in dharma service and have private time. Every evening is group meditation in the dharma hall. Very reasonable donation requested. Contact Ngawang Khandrokundry@aol.comfor more information. Openings in March/first week April.
"Komm zur spirituellen Erneuerung in eine buddhistische Einsiedelei

Einzelretreats oder Semi-Retreats kann man in Zentralwisconsin in der buddhistischen Hermitage abhalten. Gemütliche Einzelzimmer, gute Mahlzeiten, ruhige Lage in der Natur. Für ein Semi-Retreat (2 - 30 Tage) schließt man sich den ordinierten Bewohnern mit Dharmadiensten an und hat auch Freizeit. Jeden Abend findet eine Gruppenmeditation im Dharmaraum statt. Um eine kleine Spende wird gebeten. Kontakt und mehr Information über: Ngawang Khandro
Es si…

Podcast: A Fresh View of Peace-making, and Batten Down the Hatches!

Enjoy this week's free podcast- A Fresh View on Peace-making!

Simplify the Busy Mind and Norbu House update

We must trust in our good qualities!

How can we simplify our busy minds?
Bringing more awareness into the heart will stop the spinning feeling of an overactive brain. The heart center is the actual seat of the mind, not an emotional release function, as many believe. The brain is only a mechanical processing device directed by the mind itself to perform actions and thoughts in order to interact with others.
Directing and forcing awareness to reside in the brain cavity retards a better way to think that is not "busy mind." The distorted method of brain centered thinking is like asking your next door neighbor to text message your own mother. You are already have an intimate and relationship with your own mother and do not need an intermediary. It is the same for your mind. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

Wie können wir unseren geschäftigen Geist vereinfachen?
Wenn man die Aufmerksamkeit auf das Herz lenkt wird das Schwindelgefühl des überaktiven Hirns aufhören. Das Herzzentrum ist der ei…

Confession.. Buddhist Style!

Don't wait for a perfect sunny day!

Woke up this morning thinking "Did I do anything yesterday that might become a cause for my suffering karmic rebirth?" I was glad to observe that I had not harmed myself yesterday.
This is a correct method to practice daily Buddhist confession using dharma honesty and mindfulness. To make us suitable for evolutionary development, we must uncover issues which, (although they might seem innocuous at the time), will incrementally change our nature. By knowing how to purify with confession, without blaming or shaming our self, we can experience the energetic of correct regret, returning the mind to walking the Great Path. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Heute früh erwachte ich und dachte: 'Habe ich gestern irgendetwas getan, was zur Ursache einer leidvollen karmischen Wiedergeburt werden könnte?' Ich war froh über die Feststellung, dass ich mir gestern nicht geschadet habe.
Dies ist die korrekte Methode des täglichen budd…

Confidence and Self Importance are Opposite

Sweet Buddha nature! What a lovely day!

When feeling of self importance diminish through correct spiritual practice, we will gradually feel more confident and capable. You might think it would be the opposite; feeling smaller and insignificant in comparison to others! However, with better balance, our natural abilities can be used without needed to waste precious energy and time defending our territory by posturing with self importance. We will be able to do more and enjoy ourselves at last! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Wenn durch korrekte spirituelle Praxis das Gefühl der Aufgeblasenheit nachlässt, werden wir uns nach und nach selbstbewusster und kompetenter fühlen. Du hättest vielleicht das Gegenteil erwartet: dass Du Dich im Gegensatz zu anderen kleiner und unbedeutender fühlen würdest! Aber durch mehr Ausgeglichenheit können unsere natürlichen Fähigkeiten zum Einsatz kommen, ohne dass wir kostbare Energie und Zeit verschwenden müssen, um unser Revier zu verteidigen, indem wir aufg…