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A Tree Cannot See its Own Roots

A tree cannot see its own roots. Like that, your own life force, which you use every moment, is hidden from you. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~
n seine eigenen Wurzeln nicht sehen. Genauso ist Deine eigene Lebenskraft, die Du in jedem Moment gebrauchst, vor Dir verborgen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Seeing Beyond Deceptive Forms

All of what appears in a distorted manner in the outer world of forms and our individual inner world of ideas are called deceptive phenomena. For the mind that is completely purified, deceptive phenomena will cease stimulating delusions. When they no longer kindle delusion, stimulation by deceptive objects and concepts cannot seduce us.
Furthermore, disturbing energetics cannot arise because the dynamic that gave the distorted an appearance of life, does not exist; the purified mind cannot play a part. As the mind becomes poised and balanced, the next step is to develop what remains after confusion ends.~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Alles was in der äußeren Welt der Formen und in unserer individuellen inneren Welt der Ideen auf verzerrte Weise erscheint nennt man irreführende Phänomene. Für den vollständig gereinigten Geist werden irreführende Phänomene nicht länger Täuschungen hervorrufen. Wenn Täuschungen nicht mehr angeregt werden, kann uns Stimulierung durch i…

Heart Like a Book

The heart is like a book. Open it to share your inner wealth!
However, the heart is like a journal. Write, then edit your life experiences with wisdom and compassion, because you can only share what is written! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Das Herz ist wie ein Buch. Öffne es, um Deinen inneren Reichtum zu teilen!
Das Herz ist jedoch wie ein Tagebuch. Schreibe und überarbeite Deine Lebenserfahrungen mit Weisheit und Mitgefühl, denn Du kannst nur das teilen, was aufgeschrieben ist!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

A Prayer for Those on The Path and other subjects

A Prayer for Those on the Path
By the 9th Domo Geshe Rinpoche
May all living beings, who are perfection itself and do not know it, find the best of paths and preparation for entry into that understanding.
May all who prepare carefully toward that understanding make the great wish to be of profound benefit to all living beings.
May all who aspire to be of benefit find the best of training.
May all who find the training, finish and integrate it with profound wisdom without taking personal gain.
May those accomplished beings, trained and ripe in wisdom, be allowed to work for the benefit of living beings.
May living beings listen carefully.
May all living beings, who are perfection itself and do not know it, find the best of paths and preparation for entry into that understanding.

"Ein Gebet für Jene, die auf dem Pfad sind
Verfasst vom 9. Domo Geshe Rinpoche
Mögen alle Lebewesen, die die Vollkommenheit selbst sind und es nicht wissen, den besten aller Pfade und die Vorbereitung auf den Zuga…

Do We Need to Suffer When We Have Pain?

Pain and suffering seem to be connected, but mindfulness practice can see the differences to separate them. Pain is always an alerting factor that something is severely wrong. Acknowledging alerting pain, we should act quickly to repair the cause. However, pain is usually followed by a mental experience of suffering, the thing that can be separated and controlled.
On the other hand, when we cannot located and repair the cause, over time a trauma suffering grows, exacerbating and echoing pain. In effect, the victim is imprisoned by the unrequited end to the cycle of suffering. The former can be efficiently dealt with, but the latter is more stubbornly adhered.
Over lifetimes, we become habituated to long-term suffering, becoming generalized non specific suffering. Eventually, we become so sensitized by mental suffering that our pain/suffering threshold is lowered and we suffer easily. Buddhism teaches the reproducible effect of releasing that suffering. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~


Yogic Balancing of Energies

To feel happy and comfortable we need to hold our outer energies more skillfully. Many people are accustomed to clenching their body energy, experiencing stress that cascades into mental stress. When they begin a meditation practice, (for the first time perhaps), they are making a strong effort to relax. If they are successful, as soon as they release clenching, they fall asleep. The habit of relaxing has become bonded to the process of sleeping. However, with daily practice, we can learn to remain relaxed and alert for correct meditation. Do not give up! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Um uns glücklich und wohl zu fühlen müssen wir unsere äußeren Energien geschickter halten. Viele Leute sind daran gewöhnt ihre Körperenergie zu verkrampfen, wodurch sie Stress erleben, der in Form von geistigem Stress ausströmt. Wenn sie (vielleicht zum ersten Mal) eine Meditationspraxis beginnen, strengen sie sich sehr an, um sich zu entspannen. Wenn sie damit Erfolg haben schlafen sie e…

How do the Sages Meditate if They Know Reality?

After enlightenment, sages will rest interior. It is no longer called meditation. This special resting of the mind will result in a correct conventional view because the human life process emerges from that state. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Nach der Erleuchtung verweilen die Weisen i...m Inneren. Dies nennt man nicht länger Meditation. Diese besondere Ruhe des Geists wird in einer korrekten konventionellen Sichtweise resultieren, da der menschliche Lebensprozess aus diesem Zustand entsteht." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --

Musical Chairs and Complacent Compassion

We should disrespect our current understanding of compassion! To make room for new perceptions, we must leave our safety zone of transitional knowing. This is like musical chairs; we have found a seat and are reluctant to get up again..... the music begins and we must stand up and move on....
The stories of the lives of the great saints will inspire us to further efforts. The saintly efforts made during the previous lives of Lord Buddha Shakyamuni in the Jataka Tales demonstrate his efforts to break through to new levels of compassion. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Wir sollten unser gegenwärtiges Verständnis von Mitgefühl nicht respektieren! Um Raum für neue Wahrnehmungen zu schaffen. müssen wir unsere Sicherheitszone des vorübergehenden Wissens verlassen. Dies ist wie das Spiel 'Die Reise nach Je...rusalem': wir haben einen Platz gefunden und stehen nur widerwillig wieder auf die Musik beginnt und wir müssen aufstehen und weitergehen...
Die Lebensgeschichten gro…

Dharma Teachings Were Hard to Get in Tibet

Dharma teachings were difficult to obtain in Tibet because the teaching lamas locations were often inaccessible. Sincere seekers of teachings experienced purification while traveling to request teachings. Many would go by begging for food along the way and usually there was no shelter on the journey.
Having arrived with great difficulty, they would often be immediately sent away by the lama and most would go elsewhere. However, a few would return saying, “perhaps you misunderstood me, I request teachings from you.” The lama might again say, “go away, I’m not interested in teaching you.” The best of the potential students would be sent away many times, yet they persisted. Their desire to receive teaching gave them courage and conviction.~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Es war schwierig in Tibet Dharmaunterweisungen zu erhalten, da die Aufenthaltsorte der lehrenden Lamas oft unerreichbar waren. Ernsthaft Suchende der Lehren hatten Reinigungserlebnisse während sie auf der Reise waren, um Unt…

Defining Characteristics of Bodhisattvahood

What are defining characteristics of Bodhisattvahood, the state of a spiritual hero on her/his way to final perfection?
At minimum, the bodhisattva understands the illusory inner nature of the human realm deeply.
At higher levels, bodhisattvas will perceive that all phenomenona arise in an illusory manner and not become confused by appearances.
At the Sangha level of enlightened community, the individual hero uses their own developed inner values that have become firm and established. These values are held in common with all other bodhisattvas alive with this understanding, causing a desire to be of benefit. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~
"Was sind die ausschlaggebenden Charakteristika der Bodhisattvaschaft, des Zustands eines spirituellen Helden oder einer Heldin auf ihrem Weg zur engültigen Vollkommenheit? Allermindestens versteht der Bodhisattva zutiefst die illusorische innere Natur des menschlichen Bereichs.
Auf höheren Ebenen erkennen Bodhisattvas, dass alle Phänomene auf …

Medicine Buddha Practice and Bodhichitta


10 out of 10 enlightened beings appreciate the awakened state!

Medicine Buddha practice is a traditional method for Buddhists to overcome illnesses without resorting to worldly spirits as healers. In the past and even today, illness was often seen as spirit attack. Some healers would control or buy off the offending disincarnate by paying tribute or another spirit would be invoked to heal. Any disincarnated being has certain abilities and almost all can do healing of one sort or another if they are so inclined.
However, this is not the way of transcendence, which removes obstacles to the enlightened state. This is how some become bound in servitude to unenlightened nature spirits. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Die Medizinbuddha Praxis ist eine traditionelle Methode für Buddhisten, um Krankheiten zu überwinden, ohne sich auf weltliche Geister als Heiler zu verlassen. In der Vergangenheit und selbst heute noch wurde Krankheit oft als ein …

Be Multidimensional

Miscommunication and misunderstanding are among the natural sufferings of samsaric living. Because of gaps in understanding this is one indication that you are not yet a multidimensional being. The life process is very sparse by comparison to what it could be.
On the other hand, blooming as a human being while connected to your more real inner form, you will be existing in your fullness. After beginning to come alive, your many multidimensional levels will begin to wake up. When nearly fully awake, you will be blessed by your own inner process with enough life force to contain a pure enlightenment process. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

"Misskommunikation und Missverständnisse sind ein Teil des natürlichen Leids des samsarischen Lebens. Es ist ein Anzeichen dafür, dass Du noch kein multidimensionales Wesen bist, dass Du Verständnislücken hast. Der Lebensprozess ist sehr spärlich im Vergleich dazu, was er eigentlich sein könnte.
Andererseits wirst Du in all Deiner Fülle existieren, wenn Du…

Free Podcast-- Stopping the Karmic Train

Newly added free podcast: STOPPING THE KARMIC TRAIN. Our present circumstances are a result of actions we have performed in the past. We want to change and be new and whole, but life keeps throwing obstacles into our path. How do we stop what is coming down the track ready to run us over? A method does exist.