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Discover Natural Enthusiasm

Everyone should be happy! We might hold this or other uplifting ideas from an early age as being right and true values to live by. We want to discover a natural enthusiasm, which bubbles up from our nature. We also wish to know how to acquire that nature without artificial means.
Many new age philosophies believe that there is a human optimism, which is in the process of emerging as an evolutionary movement. The approach of this event will create a dynamic energetic outflow until a critical mass is reached and everyone breaks through to a new way of being simultaneously, a sort of group enlightenment.
This is also a type of spiritual naive optimism; it needs to discover pragmatic methods to overcome the many obstacles to the state where everyone is healthy, happy, and spiritually whole. That pragmatic approach will be unafraid to delve into the causes of suffering and courageously overcome obstacles. This is the way to awakening, but it can only happen in the individu…

International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism

looking forward to see the White Conch students in California later today... leaving the International Conference on Tibetan Buddhism in Atlanta. Interesting and leaves me with many questions about the direction Buddhism is taking. Many secular applications arising from Buddhist principals. I hope that we still believe that the inner awakening is the goal.After listening to many discussions at the conference on Tibetan Buddhism, there are a few high notes reminding us that the Buddhism is really only about awakening. Secular humanism/secular Buddhism will only make a better person... kinder.. a more comfortable human...and a good candidate for rebirth as a human unless they have forgotten any other karmic obstacles.
Self compassion is a newly invented form of Buddhism that was unknown in India, Tibet, China or any other place where the Buddhist sages taught. In my opinion, the capacity to see oneself as "other" to correctly and objectively generate compassion …

A Downpour of Troubles!

The Great Dharma is the teachings of the path to perfection in the human realm and other potentially painful realms. It can also miraculously function as a windproof umbrella in a downpour of suffering that comes simply by having a body. Then, somewhat protected, those in preparation for awakening can find shelter by both sutric and tantric methods. The sutric methods reminds us of enlightened values, protecting us by our own efforts making behavioral changes. The tantric method gives us the power to energetically lift protection, holding open a new space for us to work. This protection is a feature of refuge. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~
"Im menschlichen Bereich und anderen potentiell schmerzlichen Bereichen besteht das Große Dharma aus den Lehren über den Pfad zu Vollkommenheit. Es kann auch ein wundersamer Schirm sein, der vor Stürmen und Schauern des Leids schützt, die nur daher rühren, dass man einen Körper besitzt. Wenn sie dann etwas besser geschützt sind, könne…

Petty Irritants that Eat Up Our Joy for Life

In Bali, when the rice is nearly ready for harvest, many rice finches swoop in and will eat the whole crop, unless strong efforts are made. Similarly, accomplished meditators attract a different kind of rice finch and can lose their development. What are the names of these rice finches? Distraction allows your attainments to be stolen, but the finches of pride and anger are the real culprits, which will cause the damage. Anger will steal meditation attainments just like throwing away gold.
However, there is something even more insidious about rice finches bothering me. One cute tiny rice finch doesn’t eat much, isn’t that so? This is like a small irritant after spending time in retreat improving spiritual strength. For example, when anger occasionally arises, we can deal with it and its aftereffects. Rice finches are like a entire flock of petty irritations building up, causing the loss of our high quality mental states gained with great effort. It is not only medit…

Altruism Must Be Generated By Myself!

No one can bless you into altruism, you must develop that by your own struggles to understand that others are suffering at least as much, if not more, than you are. The rest of altruism is to arouse a deep desire to free them from that suffering. Beyond altruism are the extensive higher trainings in the many skillful methods to accomplish a definitive end to suffering! ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

""Niemand kann Dir einen Segen erteilen, damit Du Nächstenliebe verspürst. Du musst durch Dein eigenes Ringen die Einsicht entwickeln, dass andere mindestens so viel wie Du leiden, wenn nicht sogar noch mehr. Der Rest der Nächstenliebe besteht daraus, ein tiefes Verlangen zu erwecken, die anderen aus diesem Leiden zu befreien. Jenseits der Nächstenliebe gibt es die ausführliche höhere Ausbildung in den vielen kunstfertigen Methoden, die ein endgültiges Ende des Leidens herbeiführen!" - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Definition of Suchness

Suchness is the non-material essence remainder after emptiness is well experienced by a human being. It is ineffable, blissful, timeless and beyond thought. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

""Soheit ist das Überbleibsel an nicht-materieller Essenz nachdem ein Mensch die Leerheit richtig erfahren ...hat. Sie ist unbeschreibbar, glückselig, zeitlos und jenseits des Denkens." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---"

The Face of Gossip

Idle gossip is one of the ten non-virtues described in Tibetan Buddhist commentaries. It wastes your time, and will get you into trouble eventually. Mostly, idle gossip is passing embarrassing stories along to willing ears. Without a good story, you might invent something about another person that you do not mean, simply because it sounds sophisticated. On the other hand, if you feel that your intelligence or beauty has been challenged, definitely you will want to retaliate by saying something harsh, insulting, or slanderous about that person, under the guise of gossip, thereby allowing malicious idle gossip to waste your life and friendships.
Buddhist practical wisdom says that idle gossip wastes your time that could be put to better use, that no benefit comes, and that idle gossip does not stay in one place but spreads, causing inadvertent harm. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~

Unnützes Geschwätz ist eine der 10 nicht-tugendhaften Handlungen, die in den Kommentaren des ti…

Who Harms Us?

Those that harm you are under the influence of your negative karma. We should avoid situations where our negativity grows so strong that it manifests on the outside. Once it has manifested, we will need to deal with its symptoms, such as pain and damage. This leaves us little time to reflect on its deeper causes. That is why we take time to retreat and consider the ramifications of our actions. ~Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~~~~

Diejenigen, die Dich verletzen, stehen unter dem Einfluss von negativem Karma. Wir sollten Situationen vermeiden, wo unsere Negativität so stark wird, dass sie sich äußerlich manifestiert. Wenn sie sich erst manifestiert hat, müssen wir mit ihren Symptomen, wie Schmerz und Verletzung, fertig werden. Dies erlaubt uns wenig Zeit, um über ihre tieferen Ursachen nachzudenken. Deshalb nehmen wir uns Zeit für Retreat und überdenken die Auswirkungen unserer Handlungen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche --