Psychic Senses

The five senses used correctly are stable bases for the experience of this world. The five inner bases are the bases for the outer senses and are the true sense bases. However, there are many more inner senses that belong to higher development and are not suitable for human life. Most of these have no preparation stage for development in the human realm and are introduced after enlightenment.

In fact, too soon an introduction to them can cause inappropriate linking of human life and perceptions of higher development. The fascination with psychic can cause one to become stuck in cyclic existence and power techniques, instead of clear and meaningful changes needed to become the one ready for transformation.

Development toward full awakening of Buddhahood is a human preparation activity and not the thing itself. Hence, introduction to emptiness of the illusory is given to break that fascination before (or to avert) the creation of unusual karmic consequences. These karmic ties are not easy to break or gain closure for one that needs to continue development in accordance to the ways of the Inner Path to perfection.


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