Our True Nature and other Buddhist musings...

Correct meditation facilitates better data input to your deep innermost actual being by sending a different message about this world. When our strategies are in alignment with higher development preparation, it is like living in a different world than before. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Korrekte Meditation erleichtert eine bessere Datenaufnahme durch dein tiefes innerstes eigentliches Wesen, da sie eine andere Botschaft von dieser Welt vermittelt. Wenn unsere Strategien auf die Vorbereitung zur höheren Entwicklung ausgerichtet sind, ist dies als lebten wir in einer anderen Welt als zuvor." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Deep beneath ordinary thoughts lies our true nature; pure, vibrant and still as a pristine reflecting pool. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~
Tief unter den gewöhnlichen Gedanken liegt unsere wahre Natur; rein, kräftig und still wie ein unberührter, spiegelnder Teich." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Profondamente al di sotto del livello dei pensieri ordinari giace la nostra vera n…

A Blast of Enlightenment and other Buddhist musings.....

The awakening blessing is not like the gentle cascade of illuminating wisdom described in our meditation practice to be poured into our everyday mind that can be used for our spiritual growth. Of course, we want and need free time to meditate. We also want the Buddha to cause our lives to become suitably rearranged for more spiritual emphasis that is called leisure and endowment in Buddhist terminology. This is correct thinking and requesting. However, that will not be nearly enough leisure and endowment to cause the actual awakening. After a great deal of preparation, we must then sincerely make the request for a tremendous burst of illuminated power and energy, like a flash of lightning, to open the door to our enlightened true nature. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Die Segnung des Erwachens sind nicht wie die in unserer Meditationspraxis beschriebene sanfte Kaskade der erhellenden Weisheit, die wir in unseren Alltagsgeist schütten, um sie für unser spirituelles Wachstum zu nutzen. Na…

Buddhist musings for springtime........

Two explanations of the same innate view
Classic Buddhism describes the innate view as the error of taking what is transitory and impermanent as permanent. All suffering arises from this misknowledge. However, I have expanded this description to understand that the innate view also bestows a full but minimum set of perceptions that are needed to allow the transmigrating consciousness of a to-be-human to participate within the human realm. After the breakthrough of enlightenment, aware practitioners will not discard the minimal basic and now purified innate view but will mold it skillfully into a correct conventional view.

Same innate view but a non-Buddhist explanation-- Within the deeper mind of every individual person are several carefully constructed base perceptions that must be present in order for them to participate in their human potential development within the human realm. We cannot damage our perceptions by pretending the world is not there, or that we are not here, in order …

Buddhist musings... and meanderings

Like other litigious societies, we have become over-doctored and looking for that magic pill to make us well and feel satisfied. Perhaps it would be better to consider stress, lack of closure to poor past relationships, anger or jealousy as causes for our poor health... and then correct our errors. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Wie andere prozessfreudige Gesellschaften verlassen wir uns zu sehr darauf, medizinisch überversorgt zu werden und halten nach der magischen Pille Ausschau, die uns befriedigt und gesund macht. Vielleicht wäre es besser, Stress, unbewältigte Beziehungen, Wut oder Eifersucht als Ursachen für unsere schlechte Gesundheit in Betracht zu ziehen.... und dann unser Fehlverhalten zu korrigieren." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Sharing happiness is actually what is done in the dharma practice of the first of the Four Great Wishes. This trains us to share our cultivated joy and not simply hold it as a personal possession. The second of the Great Wishes strongly affirms h…

Wisdom Will Forgive your Shenanigans... and other Buddhist musings...

Wisdom is always process oriented rather than goal oriented. It begins with inner guidance lifting ordinary common sense to rely on logical supports, and then raising logic to a higher functioning form of logic. Only then can that higher logic, which is more energetic than mechanical thinking, be bonded to enlightened reasoning, which surprisingly, is highly practical. It is higher common sense based in reality. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Weisheit ist immer prozessorientiert und nicht zielorientiert. Zu Beginn wird der gewöhnliche Menschenverstand durch innere Führung erhoben, so dass er auf logische Unterstützung vertraut und dann wird die Logik zu einer höher funktionierenden Form der Logik erhoben. Erst dann kann diese höhere Logik, die ein eher energetisches und kein mechanisches Denken ist, mit der erleuchteten Vernunft verbunden werden, die erstaunlicherweise sehr praktisch ist. Sie ist ein höherer gesunder Menschenverstand, der auf der Wirklichkeit basiert." - Domo Geshe…

Endurance: The Final Frontier

What are humans made of? ..... the track the bird leaves in the sky, the reflection of the moon in still water, the sound of a bell after it has ended.... that is what humans are made of.. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Woraus sind Menschen gemacht?.... aus der Spur, die der Vogel am Himmel zurück lässt, dem Spiegelbild des Mondes im stillen Wasser, dem Klang der Glocke nach dem Verklingen..... daraus sind Menschen gemacht." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Our pets love to be around the juicy meditation energies but they are also unpredictable. They can jump up, bark or meow at any time, and if that should occur while we are in a delicate place, they could cause an energy accident. They can sit on us any old time but it is not a good idea during serious meditation. ( I am pretty sure that many will object to this idea, but it is well considered and presented to you with trepidation.) ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~

"Unsere Haustiere lieben es, bei den reizvollen Energien der Meditation anwese…

Karma, Transformation and other Buddhist musings....

Uplift your own mood to light up the path for others. ~ Domo Geshe Rinpoche ~
"Versetz dich in bessere Stimmung, um den Weg für andere zu erhellen." - Domo Geshe Rinpoche ---

Another aspect of karma is that it is definite. For example: a farmer purchases corn for seed and plants it carefully. He waters it or it rains, the sun shines down, and that corn begins to sprout. Then, for whatever reason, that farmer goes to his field and commands that crop, “You will not grow up as corn. You will grow up as wheat.” Will his wish be enough to prevent that corn from coming up as corn?
Student: Maybe.
R: We’ve got a believer in magical thinking.
S: Anything is possible.
R: Anything is possible with sufficient time, energy and magical ability (laughs). However, in any normal situation the farmer’s wish would not be enough to prevent that from coming up as anything except corn.
S: From a quantum mechanical viewpoint, there’s a probability that sometimes this particle could be here, or it could…