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Buddhas Descent from Heaven

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I love Blueberry Pancakes!

A huge truck, like a concrete mixer, pull up outside your house filled with blueberry pancake batter. The valve opens and pancake batter begins to pour out onto your front lawn (you love pancakes). As it continues to pump pancake batter, there is so much that it creeps across the lawn and eventually floods the front lawn. When it reaches the front door, and if the door is open, blueberry pancake batter enters and begins to flow into the front hall and if the truck is not empty and still pumping it out, it begin to creep down the hall toward the kitchen. Now containing grass, sticks, and dirt it arrives to the floor in front of stove. Now is the exciting time because we are really getting hungry and love pancakes! However, it is still on the floor, how will we get it into the frying pan so we can enjoy!

It is like that; the outer practices such as reciting mantras, visiting holy places and doing ritual are trying to go inside for transformation. However, the actual practice com…

Mystery of Emptiness & Love (excerpt on multiple inner minds)

Buddhist sages and other early inner scientists discovered
that we possess more than one subconscious or subtle
conscious mind, which they have identified as inner, subtle minds. These inner minds have various kinds of veils or barriers that separate them from each other as well as from the outer conscious mind.
There are very specific energetic pathways toward higher development. Unlike walking into a lobby with many doors, there are not multiple doors opening from one main inner location for the purpose of our discussion of inner mind development toward the enlightened state. The structure of barriers and veils and how they work to hold space for higher development is a more secret topic. The important point here is that they do exist.
However, please note here that the increasingly subtle minds are only seen as subtle from a human realm perspective, not from the perspective of higher reality.

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Saving all Living Beings with a Aspirin

Guide to the Bodhisattvas Way of Life by Shantideva verse 22b "What need is there to mention the wish to dispel their inconceivable misery…"
22a"If even the thought to relieve living creatures of merely a headache is beneficial intention endowed with infinite goodness…" I’ve seen some of you rummage for an aspirin for someone. “Oh here, let me help you.” “Oh, you poor thing, I’m going to take care of you.” Like that. “I have a tincture at home and I will rush home and bring it to you.” If the thought to relieve living being of even a headache is a beneficial intention endowed with infinite goodness…. Why is that? Because it takes you away from self-centeredness. At the moment you look at others with the intention to relieve their symptoms, you are, briefly, looking away from your self-centeredness, self-cherishing. What a wonderful society [we would have] if everyone did this. Now let’s look at the vast method." Then what need is there to mention the wish to di…

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Valid Practice – What That Means

We must have or seek a valid practice. It is all very nice to say, “I am going to save all sentient beings.” But if we don’t create time, or enough time for our meditation practice, that remains on the lips, only on the lips. This rescue of all living beings is often the very thing many Buddhists think is the primary part of spiritual practice but is not possible. That is because they can’t gain enough spiritual depth, valid inner, permissions and clarity in order to be able to access these sentient beings at the meaningful level where they actually can be helped. This is not the individual sentient being; it is all sentient beings in an interior form without regard to their individual present location or situation. We should ask ourselves what is or where is that profound level? Am I able to touch them in a beneficial way? If not, we must find the method to become powerfully deep with a valid practice that lead to that goal.

So, number one, the goal must be valid. Two, the genui…